Exciting News!!!!
Ok ladies, I have had a company contact me and wants me to help him gain visibility to his site. My question for you all: If I get him to offer a giveaway (maybe $100 Paypal giveaway), who all would be interested in teaming up with me? There would be no entry fee, the only entry would be for you to sign up for the site yourself, send me your referral link for verification, and I will let you in on this Rafflecopter giveaway. The site is FREE to join. You could also select one other mandatory entry and one other additional entry. I have got to get this together pretty quick so I need as many responses as I can get as soon as possible.
A little about the site: It is something along the lines of SAH, but you can refer people and when they make a purchase, you earn 40% of their cashback received. And then if they refer people, you will earn 25% of the cashback that their referrals get. Sounds great, huh??? He also has $1000 VISA giveaways, split up into $250 for 4 weeks going on right now. Who would be interested in helping me promote this site while also drawing traffic to your site??? Let me know ASAP. You can also share with your other blogger friends and let me know if they are interested as well. Thanks!!! And hurry with your responses, I am sending him the proposal with how many bloggers I have interested tomorrow around noon:)
My Kindle-Unnamed Giveaway
I have been so impressed with the outcome of the Finally Fall Paypal Cash Giveaway that I have decided to do another giveaway!!! I gained about 500+ additional followers!!!! This one is going to be a little different, I hope that you all can join me. The giveaway is going to run from October 19th at 12:01 a.m. EST through the 30th 12:01 a.m EST. I do not have a name selected yet, so one of my questions in the form is a name suggestion. For the winner of the name selection, I will advertise your button on my wall for one month free! Here is the link for more information, let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks again,
Jennifer Bonds

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Hi Jennifer,

I'm definitely interested but would need a litlte more information.  Can you msg me the link to this site/service we would be promoting? Also, is this just promoting his website for visibility, or would people entering the giveaway have to sign up?  Basically, I am interested as long as it's just getting the word out and no strings attached.


My blog is and you can email me at rachelsgiveaways AT gmail DOT com


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