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I tried to leave a comment on your blog 'make space for joy' but I got an error; I wrote a lot too! About mochi, it really is just dough but they have some that have ice cream in the middle if you have a local Asian supermarket I'd look there, and they have them as a topping at Yogurtland here in AZ; I think the key is some kind of ice cream needs to be involved :) The ones from the store are also great because you can hold them without your fingers freezing or they ice cream melting (too fast anyway) because of the dough on the outside. Your blog is very pretty, I'll follow you on social media and I'd love it if you'd visit my blog and do the same! (all of the links are there except Bloglovin which I am on too!) 

Hi mamas! My name is Andi and am a life coach/blogger for moms. A theme that keeps coming up recently is this idea that as moms we are completely defined as _____’s mom. And I don't know about you, but it makes me a little crazy. Yes, we love our kids with every part of us, but there is SO much more to us!

I believe that the best way to achieve a fun, passionate life as a busy mom is by stepping up and showing up for ourselves and our family. Creating the life we want is totally possible with kids!

Having a life full of intimacy, passion and security allows us to feel free and supported to live out our dreams.

Go ahead, call my bluff.

But think about it…

Having a fantastic, intimate relationship doesn’t make you a bad mom. Actually, it makes you a better one.

So I have created a Free 8 Days Intimacy Challenge to help you connect more with your partner and yourself.

I would be honored if you joined me!

I also run a facebook group that is meant to connect like minded moms:


I'm Sarah and I'm the travel agent who loves to help families reconnect through travel. My blog is I would love to help anyone plan their next vacation. Thank you 

I signed up for this. Sounds like it will be helpful.

NOt sure if you'd like to check out my blog and subscribe back that would be amazing.



Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I moved; everything should redirect by itself for the most part; except for Twitter. I'm now at

WHEW! A lot of links I know! :) Thank you guys for being so supportive, you are awesome! I follow back whoever follows!
Hi Trista! Following you at bloglovin and Facebook.. Here's mine at and

Hey Trista,

Following your blog. So classy. I love it. Would love if you'd check out my blog and subscribe back.

Hey Olga, I"m following on Pinterest and Facebook. IS there a way to subscribe to your blog? Love your crafts. Cute turning the flannel shirts into dresses, I don't think I'm that skilled though. If you'd like to subscribe to my blog it's;


Just did:)

Hey all, follow me here :)

Hi Kelly! Just subscribed to your blog and enjoyed reading your latest post recovering from too much fun.. Lol! Here's mine at thanks:)


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