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I subscribed! after you sign up and subscribe for my website you can now customize your own profile for the site!

Hi Rebecca,

Hope you had a great holiday. I'm following your blog. I hope you'll check mine out and follow back or subscribe if you're interested.



Added feature after you sign up and subscribe for my website you can now customize your own profile for the site! Located in the bottom footer either register or sign in to customize!

Awesome! :)

how do I get people to be more interactive with my blog, like comment more?

Are you tagging your posts? Placing them on social media? 

what do you mean tagging the post. and yes I do update them on sm

In wordpress you can tag your post for relevant audiences. there are category tags too. :) And on social media I use hashtags. There are groups on facebook where you can do a comment for a comment, but I really recommend going for more organic comments. :) Have you tried posting your stuff to reddit?

ok I will work on tagging my work, and I also would like more organic comments but I am just starting out so I know things will probably pick up. No I haven't where in reddit do u post?

Reddit is a SCARY place for bloggers. Most of reddit doesn't like blogs, at all. But, there is a place for mommy bloggers. :) You want to post 9 other non-link posts for every link of yours that you post on reddit, or you may find yourself shadowbanned. Here is the link to the mommy blogger part of reddit:

How is your SEO? :)

see can you email me because I am very new to this and can use advice. I also need to learn how to go about working on my SEO


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