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Hi Nicole! Glad to meet you here at the club:)just visited your blog and followed you on Facebook via personal profile, Twitter and Google plus. I would be grateful if you could visit my blog at and Facebook at thanks:)Let's stay connected.

Hi Manjusha!  I tried clicking on the facebook link you provided but I'm not able to pull it up.  I get a message saying its been deleted or removed.  I am following you on all other social media!  :)

Thanks for informing me of my link Nicole! Here's my Facebook page link which I mistyped earlier.

Thanks for following! just found out you on bloglovin too.. On my way to follow you there too!

No problem! :)

Following you everywhere now. 

Hi everyone! Follow me on my social media sites!

Hi Sasha! We are a family of 3 as well! I love the cute story of how you told your hubby how you were pregnant. It was like a cute little romance novel. Love it! I'm following on twitter and pinterest as well as subscribed to your blog by e-mail. If you'd like to check my blogs out they are;

Thanks and Happy Holidays,



I love your blog and found some great gift ideas in the gift guide. I subscribed today and can't wait to read more :-)

Would love to invite you to follow my mommy fashion, beauty, and lifestyle  blog at

Hi Annu,

I'm following on twitter. Mine is @RacingThoughts1. I tried to subscribe to your blog, but it looks like I need bloglovin, is that right? Do you have another way to subscribe to your blog? If you'd like to check my blogs out that would be great!



I just love your blog design and the Sephora gift giveaway ;-) I signed up and followed. I am too a mommy beauty blogger along with fashion and lifestyle. Would love to invite you to follow my blog as well.

Thank you :)..I was on holidays so couldn't revert on time.. subscribed to your blog and followed on bloglovin too

Hi Annu. Followed you in twitter and facebook! I would love that sephora giveaway too bad my country is not included. Anyway here's my social media link. Let's stay connected.





xx, Aubrey


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