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 Hi All,

I've followed a few of you on various platforms.  Please follow me at A Stoic Life. I plan to check back and add new friends every couple days. Let's keep this thing going, building and encouraging each other along the way. I believe this will be our best year yet!! God bless you all and thanks!


Started my blog two years ago! I post about my two beautiful girls Harper and Ella (2 years and 8 months) and all of the fun things we get up to! I would love if I got some new followers - that would totally make my day, I would also return the favor by following you back!

Hi Alicia, I just started following you. Your girls are such cuties. Hope you can stop by my page as well.

I am following your blog. Please follow me back at
Thanks :)

Hi, my blog is! Happy to follow back! :-) 

Hi Cessnas Pups & Sippy Cups ! Followed you on insta @Mann_ronnie and bloglovin. Here's my blog at pls feel free to visit. Let me know if we can connect elsewhere too! Thanks:)

Hi! I just relaunched my blog. I am starting it totally from scratch with clear goals and better graphics. My blog is about building family memories and encouraging each other in our life and endeavors. Here is the link to my home page. 

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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my blog is witter and facebook too sockoes

Hi Sasha! Following your page on Facebook via personal profile. Tried connecting on Insta and Twitter but the links didn't work. Here's mine if you could follow back at and Facebook page at thanks:) insta and Twitter Id is @Mann_ronnie would be happy to connect.

Hi Ladies!

I came to this page a few weeks ago and haven't really connected with you ladies. I don't know how to go about that. Can anyone help me "add" blogs to my list. I am unsure, i like to see blogs that i follow and when they update. I kind of wish it were like Facebook with a feed of blogs and their posts. But I am new to this whole blogging world. any help would be much appreciated!!..... here is my blog for anyone interested :)

Hi Katherine! I just visited your blog and I loved your post "fake it till ya make it" beautiful post and I connected with every word you have written. Following you now and looking forward to reading more of your articles. I would be glad if you could visit mine at and let me know if you are on other platforms like Facebook where I can follow you too! Thanks.


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