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I am following your blog - love the content - follow me back

Following! Please follow back :)

Hi all,

I'm a lifestyle blogger i blog about family,budgeting,advice and many more.Please follow me on this journey.



Follow me and i will follow you.

Hey Folks!

I'm new around here and have no idea what I'm doing yet. I'm jumping in though and hopefully I am doing this right.

I am a mom of 6 boys ranging from 15 years down to 6 year old twins. I work full time from home so any social media work happens around work hours and family time. 

My primary focus has been YouTube for almost 6 years and I had attempted a blog in the past but lost interest. There was something about seeing no traffic that made me feel like I was talking to an empty room. I also had no direction with what I wanted to do with it, but I've got a plan now. I'm giving it a go again and am trying to get rid of the structured data errors I'm seeing on the Google Search Console. There's a bit of clean up to do after neglecting a blog for a few years.

I look forward to meeting you all. It looks like there are a few forums to investigate. I hope to contribute to the conversation around these parts. I can be rather chatty. :)




Lol! Your trailer is adorable! I subscribed. My username is merissawrites/ Merissa Hatch. 

Brand new

I sold my blog that I had for 8 years and am starting over.

Any followers will be appreciated

Hi Patricia! Following you on Facebook via personal profile .. Couldn't open the Instagram link though. I would be glad if you could visit my blog at and Facebook at insta @Mann_ronnie thanks:)


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