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Hi Ashley! I so enjoyed my visit to your blog.. I loved your work and your creative ideas. It's really amazing and I followed you on Instagram @Mann_ronnie I would be happy connect elsewhere too! Hope you would like to check out my blog at thanks:)

Thank you Manjusha! I enjoyed your blog too, lots of great info! I followed you back on Instagram :)

Hi Ladies!! I am a reasonably new blogger, really enjoying the experience so far! Would love some feedback on the site and posts please!! Come and check me out at 

Twitter -

Facebook -

instagram -

Seeing a theme here??

Thanks! Hope to connect with some of you soon! xx

Hi Leah - Following your links..looking forward to reading more! Here are my links if you can follow along, too.  :)

Hi Everyone my blog is, please let me know you are following and I will follow back. Have a blessed day.

Hi Kimberly! I'm following your blog now, I'm excited to see your journey! I can't wait to start my own weight loss journey after I have this baby in a couple of weeks. I've got lots of baby weight to lose... and some weight that I can't blame on baby :) Feel free to check out my blog at

Stacey and her husband are both chefs. She is in her kitchen everyday with her toddler, come check out what they create!

Hi Stacey,

love the site. I've followed on a few different platforms. Please follow me at A Stoic Life

Oh, and I'm Stasie also, just spelled differently!



Hi Stacey - Followed you on multiple platforms - hope you can do the same! Looking forward to following your posts!  :)





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Also, would love feedback on my site as I am fairly new to blogging


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