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Hey ladies! I am brand new here - well, I've had the profile up for a while but never quite understood how to use this site until I took the time to look it over tonight. I would really, desperately love some new followers! I had a ton in the beauty genre, and did very well for myself over there - but now that I'm exclusively mom blogging, it's proving to be pretty difficult gaining followers. I'd LOVE a follow! And I would really love to make new friends. I'm in Southwest Florida!

Blog: www.justamomminute.wordpress.com

Twitter: SarahEMcCormick

Instagram: HisWife_TheirMama

Pinterest: BloggerSarah

Also on Mom.Life app as Hiswifetheirmama

Hi Sarah!

I followed your blog and your social media accounts. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thanks.

Sarah McCormick I am following you

I follow you everywhere!

My blog: http://www.dumspirosperosemper.com/

My facebook for my blog: https://www.facebook.com/dumspirosperosemper

My twitter: https://twitter.com/dumspirospero57

My instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dumspirosperosemper

hi sarah! followed all your links. I would really appreciate a follow back :)

blog- http://diannericuh.weebly.com

instagram- http://www.instagram.com/diannericuh

pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/diannericuh

twitter- http://www.twitter.com/diannericuh

Hi ladies! My blog is: www.JustAMomMinute.wordpress.com

Please do follow me and I will follow yours back!


My Pinterest: www.Pinterest.com/BloggerSarah

Instagram: HisWife_TheirMama

Beauty Blog: www.BeautyBloggerSarah.Wordpress.com

Hello Everyone!

I blog over at Here Wee Read where I blog about books, write book reviews, host book giveaways and document our literary travel adventures!

Website: http://hereweeread.com
nstagram: http://instagram.com/hereweeread
Facebook: http://facebook.com/hereweeread
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hereweeread

Hi Mrs. Gordon, I subscribed to your blog and followed you on your social media accounts. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thanks.


Calling all fellow mommies out there! I am new to blogging world and would love to connect with other moms, mommy to be sharing the same interests such as fashion, mother life, lifestyle and many more!

Please subscribe to my page and other social media accounts. I always follow back.


Blog- http://diannericuh.weebly.com

Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/diannericuh

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/dianne.ereyes

Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/diannericuh

I'll go now!

Please check out mine too!


checking it out and subscribing now- please kindly subscribe back to me at 


I am a fairly new blogger as well- just three months!


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