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Nine Style Tips to Make Grooms Look Their Best

Everything has to be perfect in a wedding. And I mean everything. The location, the food, and even the bride herself…

7 Steps for a Complete Skincare and Beauty Routine

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is also the most exposed to the elements and the pollution in large cities. It is no wonder that we must take special care of it and keep it healthy. It is not just a matter of beauty. Skin is our only natural barrier from viruses, bacteria and other malicious…


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thank you!

Hello!  I am following you. :) If you get a chance please follow me back too.


I will try to follow as many of you as I can!

Hi Felicia,

I subscribed to your blog and followed you on your social media accounts. I would appreciate it you could subscribe to my blog and follow me back on my social accounts. Thanks.

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Thank you.

hi felicia,

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HI Danialle, i followed you on all you social media and your blog. would you mind a follow back? I couldn't get the google+ link to  send me to your account so if you follow me i will follow you back that way


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I am new here. Sharing my blog and social media accounts. I will make sure to follow and share back :)

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I didn't see a follow or subscribe button on your blog but I followed you on your social media accounts. Let me know when it's available and I can follow/subscribe to your blog. I would appreciate a follow/subscribe back. Thanks.


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