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Hello Halley,

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I think we're a great fit because we have the same goals of helping moms.

Let me know what you think about collaborating!

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Hi there!

First things first, I'm a guy. =-) I'm new to this Mom Bloggers Club world and look forward to meeting you!

I've been blogging for other mom blogs for years and recently decided to branch off on my own. I’m now "an influencer who will help you cut through the chaos to make simple, informed decisions on which board games, video games, and outdoor games to invest your family's valuable time and money." =-)

I'd love your follows! I'll follow you back! =-)

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Here's my Instagram page, my Facebook page, and my Twitter handle. 

I'd definitely take any feedback you may have as well! Thanks!


My name is Merri Wong and below is a link to my blow.  Come and say hello and I will do the same.

Gentle parenting & Empowered motherhood blog/YouTube channel! Also, checkout my store. I would love to tell you about how I created it!

Very cute blog!

Please Follow and I will return!


Nice to see like this!

Do take a look at my Blog and follow. I will do the same!


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Hi fellow moms! :D

Let's connect and follow my social media pages and website.





I'm so excited to connect with you guys! See you! :)

Hello My name is Merri Wong.  I am wife and mother 2.  A son 4 and Daughter 2.  My son has Autism, so I decided to start blogging to try to spead awareness.  My blog URL is: 

Come and say hello!

Hi Merri,

I just visited your blog. I love how you make the contents to share awareness about Autism. I pray for your son's welfare and health. Thanks for following me on Twitter and I also followed you as well. I also created a website dedicated to moms so we can share inspiration with fellow moms behind the toughest, usually underrated, yet the most admirable job in the world - motherhood. Generally, my website offers recommendations on parenting hacks, personal motherhood guides, and to promote healthy and well-rounded living for moms.

I have written an article on "How to prevent hair loss". Please do read it if you have the time and if you found it valuable, please share it on your social media accounts. 

How to Prevent Hair Loss:

Stay awesome and God bless.


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