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5 Ways to Get Creative to Reduce Holiday Stress

The winter season is a time for people to visit with friends and family and enjoy winter festivities. Though this time of year is filled with joy and excitement, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Holiday anxieties are common and may impact…

When Transferring Your Child to Another School is Already Necessary

To transfer or not to transfer?

Oftentimes, your kid will show signs of tardiness, desire to quit school or stress that can burn them out. But not all scenarios of wear down can be a reason to suddenly look for another school. Most of the time, these school-related stress…



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Hi Kristen!

Welcome! I have followed your blog and your social media accounts. I would appreciate a follow back.

I don't have a follow button anymore since I moved out of but you can subscribe to my blog. Thanks.

I had some issue with email subscription so I subscribed via bloglovin 

Thanks for the feedback, i should have kknown something was up with the hasn't changed in a while

Following you back on everything :)

Hi everyone ,
I'm new to this group but I'm following everyone as fast as I can. I'd love some feedback from other bloggers , I'm pretty sure only my fam and friends read me lol .

Hi Sarah- welcome to the blogging world :)  I have been blogging for a few months now and have a humor blog  - parenting humor blog. I am heading over to your site.  Happy to subscribe.  Come visit me ;)

Hi Sarah! Welcome! Your baby is really cute.

I followed you on your blog and your social media accounts. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thank you.



Please check out mine as well!

Hi Dixie!

I subscribed to your blog and followed you on all your social media accounts as well. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thanks.


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