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Hi am following you... could you please follow me back .. this is my blog about parenting and  baby care related articles included. "

Hi! I write about raising an only child, marriage and family life and Hawaii Life


Hi! I'm a new mom-to-be in NYC :)

I am a Certified Happiness Coach and help people learn to put themselves as their priority which makes them feel more empowered to choose happiness every day. . .without the guilt!  I post a variety of posts with tips, tricks and strategies to help you live your best life, without feeling guilty about it!

Right now I am running a FREE 5 day challenge that will help you boost your self - esteem and you can read more about it here!

My blog:

My Instagram:

My facebook:

If I resonate with you, I would love and appreciate the follow/support and I will be happy to do the same! Looking forward to connecting!

Hello everyone,

My name is Rupal and I have a Parenting & Lifestyle Blog -
Also I am very active on all my social media channels
If you do drop by please send me a message so that I can follow you as well :)

Hi Rupal, I liked your page on Facebook. Also, I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer me on how to improve my Facebook page. I'm pretty new.

I just got a Facebook page for my blog: @thehealthyhappyblog. I'm literally at zero likes right now, so anyone who can help out would be a hero! The blog is Thank you!

Hi, I have been writing articles about and for moms since February but only yesterday made an official Facebook page: This novice would love some followers. Thank you!  :)

Hi dears an article based on baby kick when will my partner feel baby kick

Thank you! I appreciate your support!



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