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Question of the Day:

When is the correct time to potty train?
How will it be approached?
Should you give a reward after every potty?
When toddler has a accident how will you manage it?

*Let's start commenting, Mommy's

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I started training my kid when she was already three years old. At first, she found it hard to adapt. I always need to remind her to tell me when she wants to use the bathroom. It's more difficult at night, but she was able to adapt to it after a month.

Diana Welch said:

I started training my kid when she was already three years old. At first, she found it hard to adapt. I always need to remind her to tell me when she wants to use the bathroom. It's more difficult at night, but she was able to adapt to it after a month.

It is always herd for them at first

I started my boys when they were about 3 1/2. At the time the day care really worked with the parents on potty training. So they both had strong support.

While it has been many years thinking about it I can say potty training is more for the parents. Your child is going to need consistency, and let's face it potty training is inconvenient. So the correct time is when the parents are ready, and the child shows interest. (I remember my youngest, who is now eight, would start taking of his diaper. Clear sign he was ready).

I did not do rewards. But I did random "Great Job " prizes.

When my son's had accidents it was a challenge to not get irritated because it was always at the worst time. But I didn't want them to be frustrated with the process so I reassured them always. One thing I did was to make sure I was always prepared (even if I was just running in the store for 5 minutes)

I think mothers start potty training at the age of 18 months. However, some toddlers react so rigidly in this regard and my little son of 2.5 years is a big example of it. He is only acted upon my saying if I give him a tab with any online cartoons channel. On the other hand, my girl Linda is a very good learner and only at the age of 3 years, maybe girls are more active. According to experts, cool underwear also helps kids in this regard. 

As a mom of 4 I tried so hard to potty train our first early and it totally backfired. Don't potty train until its right for that kid. I have a besty whose daughter was frightened to do #2 for 8 years and wouldn't go in a public toilet at all, it was a nightmare. I find rewards to backfire most of the time, like Pavlov's dogs, but to each their own. I just know what works for my littles and that's kinda what I mean - moms do know best for their kids. The worst thing you could do is shame the toddler for an accident, they are still connecting cause and effect and don't even know that what comes out could be dangerous. Just put your patience hat on and move through it. I always dread those moments but they can easily be forgotten when you have more going on.

I just wrote a blog post about this topic! Everything you need to know about potty training (infographic)

I often gave potty training rewards because they were genuine - I was always very excited to see any achievement! Potty training can be challenging and it requires so much patience. According to this potty training poll, most people start around age 2, though I started a bit sooner because my children generally understood the difference between wearing underwear and wearing diapers. I would recommend purchasing a few of the best potty training products like stickers or training underwear. I found that when my children were in diapers, they "cheated" because they knew there was a safeguard. Putting them in cotton training pants really "upped the game" and enforced a bit more accountability on them - and me!  


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