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Question about review networks that require subscriptions

Hi all,


I have been interested in joining a couple blogging networks that promise great product review opportunities, but you have to pay either a monthly subscription or annual subscription.

Do you any of you have experience with Mom Spark Media or The Hive (Brand Buzz Network)?

If it proves to be worth the money I would like to join, but I would hate to be paying for something and not benefiting.


Thanks in advance for your advice!

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I asked the same question and got good feedback about MomSpark Media.  If you pay for an annual membership, it comes out to only like $3 a year, which is worth it if you get even one decent review opportunity.  I plan on joining soon.  I'm not sure about The Hive.  I don't really like how it seems to be all over the place lately (went from Product Review Place to the Hive without much notice).

I think they are both worth it,and run by terrific women but I have been a member of MomDot VIP Forum for a couple of years and love it there.  I have received tons of great opps and learned everything I know about blogging from this community of supportive bloggers. You e-mail her to apply at this link:


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