Question of the Day: How Often Do You Spend Money on Coffee?

Have you noticed that buying coffee on the go is pretty expensive? And, when you get the specialty drinks it can really eat into a budget. 

How often do you spend money on coffee at coffee shops?

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I love coffee!! I probably buy it out on an average of 4x a week. :( Thankfully Dunkin Donuts does their $1 refill cups so it's not too bad.

on the refill cups is it just regular coffee?  I love the Latte 

I tend to skip the drive-thru coffee and just brew at home.

I love me some Dunkin Donut

I love the Iced caramel latte with whip cream.  I usually get one 2 times a week....I honestly would drink one everyday but they are pricey...

If anyone know of a good DIY iced caramel coffee recipe please let me know,,,,


I'm not a big coffee drinker, usually one cup per day. I am not a Starbucks fan either, too strong. I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee though. I probably buy coffee a couple times per month. 

I'm not really a coffee drinker.  I do love specialty coffee drinks, but I earn Starbucks gift cards for an occasional peppermint mocha or mocha frappuccino.

Maybe once every 2 months. I'm a coffee snob lol

I spend around $4 on a working day for my regular coffee and roughly spend $80 a month. However, this cost becomes high when I order espresso coffee from my nearby restaurant. Actually, I wasn't much familiar with espresso coffee, but my entire family loved to drink espresso in this quarantine and lockdown.

By the way, it is an expensive venture, and in this regard, I am thinking to make espresso coffee at home to save some penny. For this purpose, I am considering espresso coffees from here and planning to try DIY tutorials from YouTube without a coffee machine. According to my husband, Starbucks would the best choice but I think I should also try Lavazza espresso coffee. What do you think?


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