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Hello All,

I have been looking into setting up my website ( so that people can sign up with their email to get updates. I know that this is something that I would want, because I have already had one friend request it. My website (right now) is quite small and I just started last month, but I have been trying to reach a wider audience beyond my friends and family.

This is where the question comes in:

I set it up via Mail Chimp and tested it out and it displayed my home address!? Well, I appreciate the anti-spam purpose of it, but I don't feel safe having my home address out there. I don't have a PO box, and don't really have a ton of money to spend on what is right now a hobby.

What do you do for your address requirements?

and what email subscription service do you use?

Any advice about setting up this kind of thing? (not tutorials, just things you had wish you had known)

I appreciate learning what others have done!

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You have to list a street address or P.O. Box. Also it must be a real address, it cannot be fake (i.e. just making up an address). It's a FTC requirement as part of the SPAM-CAN act. Failure to do so can result in a VERY hefty fine (up to $40,654). I use my home address, but I run a business out of my home, so it is public information anyway. You can either get a P.O. Box, use your home address, or get a box through like UPS. Here is the link for more info:

I use MailChimp. Had a learning curve and I am not very fond of it. I just switched to MailerLite and love how easy it is to use and its features over MailChimp. Only problem is that only the first 1,000 subscribers is free instead of 2,000 like MailChimp.

My only wish (and advice) is that I would have set up a newsletter subscription earlier lol.


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