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So I joined MBC last week and I enjoy all the new blog I'm following and all the new followers I have. But one slight complaint I have is a lot of the blogs are nothing more then giveaways and coupon blogs.

Are there any bloggers out there that stick with general mommy topics, crafts, reading, marriage?

If so I want to follow my blog and exchange I think you'll enjoy my blog.

Check out my blog

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I started a Mom Bloggers group just for that reason. I couldn't find any content that wrote about life. I thought it would be easier if bloggers like us had an exclusive group to go to.
Real connections, Real Content Group

Then I changed jobs and haven't been around as much but I still believe it's a great group. We are out here. :-)
I know what you mean!! My blog is mostly funny stories which are sometimes about my kids & sometimes not. I want to see more "real" blogs, too. I plan to check out yours! Mine is It is a real one- I promise!
I blog a lot about my life and post tons of photos of my son and family. I'm working on posting more stories but my family always requests photos so I tend to focus a lot on that. I'm a professional photographer so it's easy for me. :)

Your blog is just adorable.... I am following you with GFC. Please check me out and follow back if you like! :)
Wow. I have so many... lol.

My craft blog is here:

My mom blog is here:

My personal bitchy blog is here:

My store blog, for my digital stamps for scrapbooking is here:

LOL. I'll follow you if you follow
I so agree! All I ever so any more is giveaways and junk! okay everyone likes to get something but it should be more than giveways, reviews and coupons..
Any who I am fixing to check out some blogs from the ladys that have posted her and heres mine if you wanna peak.
I have been blogging about a year but didnt like were my other blog had gone, so here is my newest creation, its about the adventures of me and my five year old in crafting, life and anything we love.
I've been blogging for nearly a year now, but had the same issue with all the darn giveaways, reviews, etc. I want to offer such things on my blog -- as there is SOME value in it -- but didn't want it to be the focus. So I created a page on my site specifically for reviews and contests and such. I call it the "Back Room" and it's the last tab on my site. On the front page I write about life as a mother, grandmother, messed up individual searching for the true meaning of life and myself ... and more. You can check it out at The Back Room concept seems to work pretty well in keeping editorial and advertising (or schlock) separate.

Plan to stop by your blogs, too. This is a good discussion we got going here!
Great Blog. I'm now a follower. I'm new to blogging. I do it for fun, but I like to mix things up too. I'm a crafter at heart, so I like to do tutorials and stuff like that. I also try to have a giveaway each month. I do notice that a lot of the blog giveaways have so many requirements though. They are nice, but you have to do so much work for them. I try to make my giveaways fun.... no strings attached, heck, you dont even have to follow me to enter.

I hope mine is what you might consider a "real blog".

Like your blog. I want to follow, but I dont see a google followers section?
I have a real blog, no giveaways there just my ranting! check me out leave a comment if you like it or not
Hey there!

I have been blogging for a few years now, and honestly really enjoy doing giveaways. I would not say that my blog is not "real" because I do giveaways. I only do giveaways on products that pertain to my family's lifestyle. All my giveaways are very personal with pictures of my children. I do lots of posts on real things like natural living and homeschooling. Sharing products that can help your family live more naturally is a passion of mine. I think that's real.

I would love it if you would stop by and chekc my blog out, and see for yourself.
Melissa, your blog is great. I'm following along.

I talk about everything. I do do the occasional giveaways and product reviews, but I mostly do crafts (which I've been slacking a bit, I'll admit), I talk about my shop on Etsy, my Facebook page, and my kids. If you want, you can check it out at: Nomie.Eco.Ware


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