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So I joined MBC last week and I enjoy all the new blog I'm following and all the new followers I have. But one slight complaint I have is a lot of the blogs are nothing more then giveaways and coupon blogs.

Are there any bloggers out there that stick with general mommy topics, crafts, reading, marriage?

If so I want to follow my blog and exchange I think you'll enjoy my blog.

Check out my blog

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You can check out my blog. Hopefully you like it and you will want to come back!

My blog has general mommy topics and giveaways and reviews - it's a mix! It really is the way I am in real life.
Guess my link would be helpful:
when i click on your link it says that this blog does not exist?!
Hey I just checked the link and it's working but here it is again!

I have a 'real' blog!
I am off to check yours out. Hope you will stop by mine!

When I click on your link it actually says blog not found.
I am sticking w/that! I will do a few giveaways, but not too many. I actually hope to make a profit from some of my crafts!

Once I get everything together, I am going to start a writing blog, as well. Just need to take things one step at a time.

I was out of the blogging loop for a few months and it's changed so much in that short period of time.
Check out my blog. Im going to yours right now.

Hi Alexandria! I went to your blog and think it's great! Count me in. I am one who still blogs about day to day life as a mom, wife, new sewer, childbirth name it. I would love to have you as a follower. Here's my blog link...

Also, I'm wondering how you increased your following so drastically and so quickly? Any secrets you can share?

Thanks and nice to meet you!

Following! I love your blog.

I actually grew my following through this community! And also by following and commenting on other blogs!
I do some giveaways and stuff but that is definitely not all I do! Check out my main blog--Hands, House, and Heart Full and my newest collaboration with a partner--Bloggest Loser...from an idea that started on my blog to a blog all its own!


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