As a mother, if you think all kinds of cookware are safe for you and your families' health, then you are wrong. A variety of cookware include toxins in your food. In this thread, I am going to discuss both distinct cookware and their effects on your health.

Aluminium Cookware: No doubt Aluminium is considered one of the best and lightweight cookware for camping and travelling etc. According to researches, it doesn't include aluminium particles in your food if you don't use acidic ingredients, but acidic foods like legumes, tomato sauce and species increase chances of metal ions inclusion in your diet. Aluminium could also affect your brain and its activity that's why it is suggested to don't use aluminium cookware.

Teflon Coated Cookware: Usually non-stick pans are considered Teflon coated ones, and if you are using them, then it can hurt your health. Perfluorocarbon (PFC) is included in Teflon that helps it to avoid sticking. If PFC is leached into your food, it could lead to weight birth, kidney, obesity and thyroid problems. However, it is recommended to must-read either your cookware is coated with Teflon or not before making a cookware purchase.

Copper Cookware: No doubt, copper cookware always gives a vintage look, but they could be harmful to your health if you are using the uncoated ones. On the other hand, many experts also claim this coating is easily removed when they expose to acidic foods like tomato sauces. Hopefully, many of you have watched DIY videos where copper cookware is cleaned with tomato sauce. That's why it is better to avoid copper utensils for cooking.

Cast Iron & Stainless Steel: Now, if we talk about safe cookware like this then cast iron and stainless stain are the perfect options. If we talk about cast iron cookware, then they are not only non-stick but also chemical-free, less expensive and easy to clean. Similarly, the use of stainless steel cookware is also suitable for health, but their cleaning could be an issue for many moms. Better to avoid traditional methods of cleaning in this regard.

All in all, the right selection of cookware is essential for moms. If you have more tips, then you are welcomed to join me in this discussion. 

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Hi, in our family we prefer cast iron cookware. 

Why? I think among the most environmentally friendly material is cast iron. Cast iron cookware is not the cheapest, but the food in it turns out to be tasty and the harmful effects of cast iron have not been noted.

So I give my voice for Cast Iron cookware. 




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