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School Paperwork Storage and Organization
By Trisha Novotny

In just a few weeks these piles will begin to reappear in our homes - you remember  those things our children pulled out of their backpacks sometimes it was daily other times they arrived home in what they call weekly folders and created mounds in our homes.  Yes, I'm talking about school papers.  We all have great intentions of keeping control of them and taming the school paper piles but it seems to be an endless job that quickly gets out of control and with 13 years of schooling for each child that is a lot of paper piles to sort and keep track of.

How can we begin the school year off ready to control the piles before they begin?

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Yes, I can understand how important it is to organize all of the paper material of kids. Actually, my friends and I bought 12 cardboard packing boxes from IMColorPrint in the form of file organizers a few days ago. On each box, the name of the kid would be printed with an image. My friend Lisa would take the responsibility of all of these cardboard boxes. 

When I shared this plan with my husband, he showed great interest because he also wants to store some essential files of his office in printed cardboards. I know we have the technology, and it is quite easy to store files in DropBox or Drive, but still, some physical storages are significant. 


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