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Hi Ladies...

My blog is called Saving in Sacramento - as it started out a couple years ago as a coupon match-up/money-saving site for local and national audiences, but has in the last year transitioned into more of a lifestyle mommy blog, though still branded as Saving in Sacramento.

My question is this...we will be moving out of state this summer and I'm torn as to what to do with my blog. These are what I see as my options, but I would really appreciate any advice tiy can give me.
  1. Option 1 - Keep it as it is. Benefits: I keep my url, followers, maintain my "brand," there's no confusion, nothing needs to change.  Drawbacks: I've been featured on local news stations and newspapers, as well as worked with local companies, so I will not have the opportunity to market myself in that way in Sacramento - which may, in turn, cause confusion.
  2. Option 2 - Change it to something that is more true to what it has become. Benefits: It will open me up a little more for sponsorship opportunities, more flexibility, blog newcomers won't think my posts are only limited to Sacramento. Drawbacks: I have to start all over. And everyone here knows how hard the beginning is. I also dread letting all my PR contacts know, and creating any confusion there.

Is there a way to create a new site and just move all your followers over, sending the original url to the new url? Any help would be appreciated :) You guys rock!

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I think you should go with option 2. And yes, you can move your followers and your feed over to a new domain name. You will lose page rank but that is because you will have a new URL. Google will need to re-associate your the content to your new blog. I even believe you could move the content, but unsure if you want to do that being that a lot of your old content is location specific. But it is doable. :)

I work with moving blogs. If you have any questions you can email me

jessica.benton {at} gmail {dot} com


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