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This is probably a stupid questions, but how in the world do you create a "Shop the Feed" or "Shop the Look" slideshow in a post? I cannot for the life of me, figure it out. If anyone knows, please help me!

I am currently working on a sponsored post and would love to create a feed with links to the Sponsor's website. I have seen a bunch of Fashion Bloggers do it on their blog but I am not the best with technology.

Please help. A YouTube video or blog tutorial or something.



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Hi Natasha - We don't know how to make a slideshow, but we often use where you can make fashion collages and it will automatically include the link to where to buy as well as the price. 

Hope that helps. 

Thank you! I may just do that. I fiddled with a slideshow maker earlier and it wouldn't work. I don't know how I forgot about Polyvore! Thanks for your help. ☺️


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