So I have a question for everyone and I hope this is even ok to ask. I just signed on as a stylist for Stella and Dot. I have had my blog for a few months and its about all things mommy and my life. Do you think its good to do a story or 2 on how they have great holiday gifts and their little girls line or should I steer clear and keep them totally separate? Any advice would be welcomed. 



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You absolutely should! For starters it is your blog you can write about anything you want :) Also, if you feel a connection to the brand, you like it, you should tell everyone about it. I think if you do not like the brand then you shouldn't force yourself to write about it, people will notice that it is forced.  

Good luck with the blog and w Stella and Dot, btw I've never heard of it until now, you may have a customer here ;)



Absolutely you should! Write about it your business, but be completely transparent. What will really help is writing as an authority about jewlery on your blog. People will listen to you and will ultimately buy. 

I agree. You should! It's your blog. Part of your life includes your business. You could even turn it into a weekly thing where you feature a certain item or tell a story that relates to the products. Talk about your events, etc. Good luck! 

Misty, you should definitely do a shameless plug since they are related to all things mom. Other moms would love to know about the great offfers for their daughters too. It's a good opportunity for you to gain more exposure and I am certain your readers would not mind. As long as you're being honest with your reviews or product suggestions, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to blog about it.

Keep us posted!


Nothing wrong with that. Maybe do monthly updates to on things you have upcoming and updates on how your previous month went. If you are working from home (whether it be parties or your own products like me) that is a part of your life as a mom. Write about it from a mom's point of view. Talk about your goals and your plans and tell about how you plan to use this business to get there. You would be amazed at how many people would be able to relate to that.

I feel you should write about this. If you feel a strong connect with the brand then genuine review/feedback will come out in your blog post. 

Good luck :)


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