So does everyone have this Google follow me thing? Is it the only way to follow?

Well my title basically sums up my post!! Someone emailed me and said they wanted to follow my site but I didn't have it up? All I have is Twitter and RSS! I guess I need this google thing?

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I like the option to add a blog to google reader of follow it through the Google follow me button. It allows me to keep all (or most anyway) of my blogs in one place.
Thank you for the info!!

This is something I have been frustrated with. I really lik the google follow option, and know tat a lot of other people do too. I tried adding it to my blog, but wordpress doesn't play well with it. I have feedburner, but that's still nt as convenient.
I have Wordpress too! I tried getting it tonight but have to get an FTP something or other to upload the files too. Hopefully I can figure that out and the get the widget. I know they also have a plug in for it. If I ever get it figured out I will update!!
I will say I have had prospective sponsors ask about me my google follower count in addition to all the other site stats, so it's apparently growing in importance!

Ascending Butterfly
I have it on my blogs and I use it to follow other blogs that have it on their sidebar. However, it is not the only way to follow. If you join other blog communities like BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, you can also follow blogs through them.
Thanks for responses ladies!!

Tracey- ok so sponsors are interested because of how many followers you have? I was just wondering about that because I can follow you but that does not mean I am actually going to your site all the time. I mean on here and other mom blog forum type things there are always sections that are follow me and I will follow you. But that doesn't mean they are going to actually check and read your site a lot? I don't know I am so new to this. I just dont want people to follow me so I follow them, ya know?! Maybe I am in the minority here!

Anyway I am having some difficulty getting the google friend connect on my site.......... tips?
Brianne - No sponsors are not interested solely in follower count, it's a combination of 'unique' visitor count, stat counts, RSS/email/feed subscribers, followers, and the most important CONTENT :-)

And No, it shouldn't be a matter of follow me and I'll follow you, but there is an etiquette to joining a community. If you join a community with tons of questions, and requests for help but you don't integrate yourself to that community in some way it's just plain poor etiquette. The best way for us to get to know one another, is to read each other's blogs, is to show each other the support we want to receive. And for me personally, reading other blogs helps with the creative process. Most writers tend to be avid readers. Most bloggers tend to read other blogs.
I personally don't care for the Google follow, as a follow-ee or follower. I prefer folks to subscribe to my RSS feed - hopefully by email.
I do too, the following thing doesnt really help me out personally. I use RSS.
QUOTE: Reply by Robyns Online World on October 1, 2009 at 10:54am
"I personally don't care for the Google follow, as a follow-ee or follower. I prefer folks to subscribe to my RSS feed - hopefully by email."

**I agree with you, I don't care for Google Follow either, but as it has become a metric sponsors I work with use, I am trying to achieve a certain benchmark with this number in addition to my RSS/feed subscribers. I also want to find a better alternative to the comment entry system, precisely because it's a bit 'glitchy'. Honestly, if sponsors hadn't asked me about this, I never would have added it to my site. It's very slow loading!
Thanks Tracy! That's what I thought! I know finally have the follow thing up! Yay go me. I am so bad at all this stuff! I am amazed when I do something and it works! Ha! But I agree that if someone follows me or leaves a comment on my site, I do the same for them. Or if I post in forums I will check out sites of people who comment. I did one question the other day about H1N1 and whoa! So many replies, I did not have time to get to all of them! I am still going back everyday and try to check out a few!

Thanks for all the advice ladies!! :)


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