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So I have been blogging for a while, but I can't seem to get the social media aspect down. I don't even know where to begin really. I mean, I have a twitter, facebook page, instagram, and tumblr. I update insta like every day if I can, I rarely get on tumblr, and twitter is like once a week, or two.

Anyhow basically I don't have a schedule, which I know is important to have. Can you give me all of your tips on how to do them right? I feel so overwhelmed by it all. 

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Creating a schedule is a big one =) I like to schedule out my tweets and facebook posts. I use the free version of Buffer to do that, so I can just sit down once a week and schedule it out for that week.

Also, make sure you are also sharing other's content as well as your own. That will help with reach as well and you will still be "posting" even when you may not have content of your own to post. It goes back to keeping a schedule.

As Bridget said, create a schedule.  Post regularly on all the sites.  Small-business experts say to focus on the two to three social media sites that bring you the most traffic and interaction.  This will take some time to figure out.  And you may want to use a service like Bit.yl so you can track where your clicks are coming from.  

Once you know which sites are where your target audience is hanging out, focus on those.

Post regularly and include hashtags in your every post especially on Instagram. Also, create a thriving community via communicating with your members by following their contents and commenting as well. Create an impression for them because that will make you credible and trustworthy because social media is not just about creating contents, it's about the relationship. :)

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