Help please! I would like to make a cute blog button (like so many bloggers have). I assume that I must have some type of special software like maybe Photoshop Element? I imported clipart from microsoft clipart into a word document and added text. When I tried to import this into photobucket it wasn't a format that photobucket would recognize. Do I need to invest in Photoshop Element or is there something better? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Maybe you could use a service like It's free and lets you crop, rotate, resize, add text, special effects, etc. You don't have to download anything special.

I use Photoshop Elements... a really old version. 2.0, I believe. I find it to be very useful since I've done most of the design for my blog myself. I wouldn't invest in it just for a button, though. It would be cheaper to pay someone $20-25 to make one for you!
What I'm having trouble locating is the artwork or clipart (for lack of a better word) to start the button design. For instance if you go to: and scroll down the left hand side of the page there is a button advertising "great site for kids". Where do you think they found the scroll work frame that is around the words "great site for kids"?

Also, as I'm typing this response I'm looking at a button on for Mom Spark. Again, I'm interested in a source for the abstract graphic behind the words "mom spark".

On they do have clipart but nothing along the lines of the two examples I have pointed out to you.

I don't know if you are familiar with Microsoft's clipart gallery or not. They have a blue million pieces of free clipart and I have no doubt I could find something along the lines of the two examples but they aren't in a format recognizes.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me.

I just found your post on this. I can make you a button if you let me know what you want it to look like. With a new design tool I just bought for my stationery (Bamboo Fun), I can draw anything that you want. Then Matt can use the Gimp to put it into button format. I can do scrolls, polka dots, squares, whatever. Just let me know.

Also, if you think about it...bring those DVDS tomorrow, and I'll give them to Matt so that he can help you. Thanks....see you tomorrow.

Hi Jean- there's a great free software for image editing - it's called Gimp - here's where you can download it

Also, here's a link to some free tutorials on it:

It's what I use when I want to do something simple.
I use Photoshop for the more advanced stuff. But Photoshop is paid for so i reccomend going with Gimp- it's a great free program. As with every software program takes a little time to master.
Eren Mckay
Hmm. First some of the buttons are made in a graphics program like photoshop. It's just a matter of design, edit and saving. There are many free and low cost graphic programs online to use or can be downloaded. But that's not your problem...if I'm reading right.

What you needed was a way to save your clip art as a image so you can use as a button or find a clipart you can use as a button. That's also easy...there are tons of free clipart sites. But you have to know what your looking for. Hmm. If you need help I'll find some links for you. I can just make a button for you but I think it's better if I walk you thru the steps so you can make a button anytime you want. Teach a man how to fish sorta thing =)
You're going to need to create a file that is a .jpg and Word can't do that for you. You do need some sort of software to help with this.

I use Photoshop Elements at home, but keep GIMP handy while at work. As others have said, GIMP is free and does a lot of what PSE does.

As for graphics, I would stick with stock photos/art from sites like stock.xchng so you don't have to worry about copyright issues. This is especially important if you have any advertising or stores on your blog.

There are a lot of tutorials on using GIMP, but I'm happy to help if you need it.
I used to make my square logo for my site It is nothing fancy, but I didn't have any kind of special software, but it was free and easy. I will try and attach it below.
I didn't attach it, but it is the MM logo that shows up next to my post


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