Starting new Q&A post series (Beauty/Fitness) {need questions!}


I'm starting a few post series in my blog, and one of them include Q&A posts. Any beauty and or fitness question you may have, can be chosen, answered and published on the series' post. So since I'm starting off, I'm collecting any beauty & or fitness questions anyone may have. I collected some from the comments on my blog, but I'm still missing some. So if you ever have any beauty/fitness questions, please feel free to comment below, or message me with your question. And I will message you once the answer to that question has been published. (Includes myth doubts, rumor questions, true or false, even if it's a beauty or fitness question that needs advice....)

It's also a great series post idea you can use for your blog. If you ever need some questions (in a specific category) I would love to volunteer with some Q's to help you start off your post.



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