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Hello Moms!

I hope you are in good health and wealth but if after having babies, you want to earn some handsome income staying at home, then don't miss anything from my thread.

As a mother and household woman, I can understand how tough it is to manage both kids and jobs at the same. So, if you are unable to do an office job, you can start generating income with the following posts.

Childcare Provider: In my opinion, it is one of the best jobs for moms who have infants or school going kids. You can easily offer other office going moms to this service but keep in mind you should have to take some training before starting this business.

Application Developer: Either it is about web or mobile application development, the industry grew a lot in the past few years. There are numerous freelancing platforms where you can offer your app development services. If you are a newbie, then with the help of several online tutorials, you can learn application development in a few days. Even mothers can save lots of their time while application development using these Android source codes. Similarly, with the use of open-source communities, you can also get help from free resources. 

Writing or Typing: Yes, these are two different jobs. If your typing speed is good enough, you can earn money by typing at home. Similarly, if you are good at writing and plagiarism free content, then some doors are open for you. Even you can work as a blogger.

Real Estate Agent: If you are good at networking and good at communication, then you can also pick the real estate agent job. Indeed, I know many real estate agents who work from home, and in this internet era, it is easier to handle this business from home. There are various sites, including Commerical Cafe, LoopNet and Comdigs, that allow real estate agents to display property ads on their platforms. As a beginning, if you want free platforms then you should pick Comdigs for commercial property ads. Similarly, for homes and apartments, you can go with Zillow. 

Tutor: I have also done this job, and it is near to my heart. Yes, you can give tuitions to the interested students by staying at home, especially if you are good at mathematics and other science subjects. You will easily retain a number of students. 

Survey Taker: In the beginning, people were not believing in paid surveys but later on, when many survey takers got money in their accounts, trust increased. Yes, you can work as a survey taker with any well-paid survey companies, but you will have to analyze the scams with your own intelligence and research.

Graphics Designing: Graphic designing has great scope these days due to the use of graphics in current advertisements. Unluckily, if you are not good at graphic designing, you can also join an online course. 

In brief, we only share only some stay at home job opportunities with fellow moms, but there are also many jobs that you can discover. You can also share some posts with us. 

Waiting for your response. 

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This is a great resource list. What I like is you have suggested a wide range of options. I think the key is taking an assessment of your skill set, then pair it with the appropriate work from home opportunity. 


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