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I've worked long and hard for over two years on my blog. I feel that I'm to the point of not giving away free advertising to companies anymore. Unfortunately, I'm always being bombarded by companies wanting me to host giveaways on my blog, which is great for my readers, but I'm tired of not getting anything for it. They (the companies) do have the expense of giving away a product, but I feel that they are still getting pretty much next to nothing advertising cost. I really dont want free products in exchange either-I want cash! lol.

When I do ask for compensation, they feel insulted or never contact me back. Then, I feel like I've cheated my readers out of a prize. I'm sure they are thinking that they can just find some other blog that will do it for free or for a product.

Do you have this issue as well? Would love any advice!



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I am just getting started and do have a regular gig posting for Eucerin.  I have also had these questions.  It does seem like extremely inexpensive advertising for a company.  I have heard people say that they won't do such posts and they have found other ways to monetize their blogs like writing for others.  I have a hard time finding those positions however, I am wondering how others do it.

I don't think there is a problem with asking for compensation for a giveaway - only post. I do. It takes time to write the posts, it takes money to host the information... I do free review+giveaways, but charge for a giveaway only.

Lately I have been googling some of my posts and realizing that with just a few key words they show on the first or second page - I am sorry but this is a HUGE advertising for these companies.

We all need to stick together and realize what we are worth! A lot!

Have you thought about joining a pay per blog site such as reviweme.comm or payperpost. These type of sites link bloggers with advertisers. Bloggers would be paid a flat rate based on the popularity of the site.

I do belong to a pay per post site, but the pay is usually low. I have put my foot down about just giving these companies free advertising. I just recently came across a company that not only didnt want to pay anything, but didn't even want to give a product! What nerve!

I just want to give them a piece of my mind that they think we are so stupid that we don't realize what they are trying to get away with. Oh well!

I've been telling people who email me that I'd like compensation for their posts but they always say "it's not in our budget blah blah" so I just delete their emails. And with my domain renewal coming up soon I kinda would like to be paid for filling my blog with their crap! I know exactly how you feel :D Just keep telling them GIMME MONEY!! xD Someone will eventually say yes.

Until you put your foot down and put a price on your worth you will continue to have these requests for doing free stuff. I think it is really daunting at first to make the switch, as the free stuff is good for your readers, BUT you have to allow yourself to be worth more than that.

Make the decision. No more free stuff, unless you will get something really big in return in the way of exposure. If you can't get this then forget it. Once you make that decision and weed out the freebie lookers, then you will start bringing the money in. It may take time and you won't get as many offers, but it will come. You have to be firm in the value you place upon yourself. You deserve after all your hard work blogging.

For me, if the giveaway does not represent a certain value for my readers then I charge and administration fee, and a large one at that.


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