Have you already made summer vacation plans?

Where to?


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Yes! We are thinking of going to Mazatlán, Mexico. I am so excited. This will be my first time visiting Mexico.

Other than that, we will do a couple days of road trip and camping around California.

Mexico! Wow. Have fun! 

Not yet, but we're talking about going back to Florida to visit in-laws and I have few friends that live there as well. If not, North Carolina has all beaches, we can always go when hubby's schedule permits, the nearest one is only an hour away from our home :)

North Carolina does have fabulous beaches. 

We don't vacation in the summer as we usually have enough going on here to keep us busy.  We like to take vacation in the fall or winter.

The fall is such a lovely time. We've never thought about vacations in the fall or winter. Good idea! 

Palm Springs.

Ooh...nice! Have fun. 

Nope. We can't afford to go away this year. Last summer, the only time we got to go away was to my sister's wedding 7 hours away. It was such a whirlwind that it felt more like work than anything. I couldn't enjoy anything :( 

Oh, that's too bad. Sometimes you can have vacations right in your home town for a relaxing staycation.

My stepmom camps and we go during the day. That will be the only way we can afford it this year. Hopefully our finances are better next summer. Here's hoping!! 

We are still making our plans for summer vacation. We will be traveling from Michigan to Arizona…(yes one extreme to the other) and have not decided if we are driving or flying.  I just hope my children do not melt.  I'm from Yuma, where you can literally cook an egg on the asphalt.  


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