Have you already made summer vacation plans?

Where to?


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Isn't that the truth, Lyn!!  We live in Pinetop-Lakeside, so wave if you fly over!! :)

That sounds like fun, Lyn! We definitely would love to see an egg cook on asphalt. Now, that's hot!! 

The whole family is going to Bulgaria for one week :)

Wow! Bulgaria. Sounds really fun. 

After years of thinking, wishing and dreaming, we are finally doing a Disney cruise. It will be a much needed and appreciative vacation for our whole family.

Yay! Disney cruises are the best. You and your family will have the best time! 

That's awesome Heather! That will be so much fun for you guys.

I live in Canada. I feel like the summer season is just a myth. So we haven't planned anything yet. A previous poster mentioned Myrtle Beach. I have very fond memories of vacations in Myrtle Beach with my family. Perhaps we should go to Myrtle Beach. There's summer there, right? *sighs

Yes, there are summers at Myrtle Beach :) 

Hopefully you and your family can get away to someplace warm for the summer. 

We'll be heading out to Ocean City, Maryland again this summer. We love it there.

Emerald Isle, NC




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