did you know that 21 states still allow corporal punishment in schools? This is a serious issue that moms should do something about in my opinion. I just posted on my blog some examples of how teachers can get out of hand and seriously injure a child. They are being bullies and they are working against a huge issue that schols are trying to control.


Read the post and tell me your thoughts on this issue.



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I think there is a place for Tough love from teachers and then there are those teachers who make students lives miserable. I had a incident locally where a teacher ducktaped an autistic childs mouth because the kid would not shut up.
This is just wrong. There are people who should never be teachers at all, but think its a great thing to do with a degree that they cant find a home for else where in the working professions.
It makes me sick to think that students do not enjoy learning.

I think its criminal to bully a child and make them feel inferior to you, but ok to make them feel that they have let themselves down by not rising up to potential.
Fine lines tho on most issues like this. What is bullying a child, and what is just tough love? 

I am in disbelief over the story of the duct tape and the autistic child. I have been around kids with Autism spectrum disorders and they can be disruptive at times but patience and understanding is the answer. Unfortunately, public school teachers for the most part aren't trained to deal with these kids and so don't have the skills needed to be effective with them. Instead of spending such HUGE amounts of money with No Child Left Behind, I think some of that should be spent training teachers to teach kids with learning and social differences too.

I have to say, I have never been in on the " no child left behind" thing. I don't like the corners they are trying to cut. Teaching an autistic kid to sight read is not the answer. They work better on the phonics. They understand it better. 
I too think that teachers should be trained to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorders ranging from ADHD to low functioning Autism.  I think there are teachers that need to be brought into the loop by education of some kind. Be it a series of videos over lunch hrs by professors and/or Autism spokes people or going back to take at least 1 class on special education. 
I think a lot of teachers would benefit from watching youtube videos from spokes people like: Temple Grandin.
She has opened the eyes of my son's dad's family. Made them look at him differently. Realize that maybe I wasnt just a mom that didnt know what she was doing, but that I was pushing him, nurturing him in a way that is helping him grow.

I am still all for tough love tho. My son knows I love him, but also knows that when I say he has to do it, he has to do it or there will be a consequence.

There are also teachers that should never of been teachers. We have all bet them.  Then there are teachers that were good teachers at one point but are so out dated and old/cranky now that they should retire.



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