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Newbie moms who join the blogging world with fewer technological knowledge mostly ask the question to enhance their chances to rule the tech world. However, whether you are an expert or a household blogger you must follow some good tech-savvy web portals, and I am going to share a few of them with you:

CNET: Mayhap, many of you only know CNET as a reviewer, but in actual, you can find every news, article and review about smart technology, products and automobiles here. You can also join their community and ask anything about gadgets, vehicles and the latest happenings in the tech world. 

WebOasis: This is another excellent web portal where you can't only improve your online search with a variety of search engines but can also find numerous web building forums, image uploading sites, ratified news sites and many more under one roof. I always bookmark in the first sites of my browser, and it really helps.

TechRepublic: If you are running a technology blog and willing to get everything about current happenings in the Big Data, IoT and cloud technology then you must follow this web portal. They also run a user-friendly forum where it is very convenient to ask questions from the community.

In this discussion, I shared the web portals that I follow to keep myself updated. You can also share the web portals that you prefer to following in this regard.

I am waiting for your serious suggestions as I love to explore new web portals.

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