Hi, Mommies! I'm compiling a "Best Bets for 2009" and need your input. What car seat, crib, stroller, and diaper bag would you recommend to your pregnant best friend? What makes your recommendation the Best Bet for that product?

I'm casting a wide net with this question and hoping to compile a great list for new mommies. I appreciate your help!


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I LOVE my Skip Hop Duo stroller bag. it clips on the stroller so it doesn't take up and precious basket room.
Okay, I have some strong opinions on this one! I am almost an expert in this one!!
1. SwaddleMe wraps are a must! SwaddleMe

2. Boppy Loungers are fantastic!

3. Mam Bottles are great to decrease reflux, easier to use than Dr. Brown's, and have fewer parts.

4. The Inflatable Duck Bathtub by Munchkin

5. I also really like my Graco Snugrides, but I am not sure I would have used them had I not had triplets. THey fit the stroller I bought.

6. I love my Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe Diaper Bag!

THere's my two cents!


Mom to Evie, Maggie, and Josh born May 14, 2008.
A monitor hands down. Not only for when they are little, even for when they are bigger:) (like up to 5 or something you know)
Love me my Britax Marathon car seats - never bought the bucket kind. They are easy to install, buckle and wash the covers.

Also loved swaddle me blankets...don't think anyone would have gotten any sleep without them as she NEEDED the swaddle until she was over 9 months (way too big for a receiving blanket)

another must was our pouch sling - we had a hotsling but I don't know that it's better/worse than others...was the only one we had and worked well. Used it a lot!

another must for breastfeeding moms was Lansinoh pads...went through SO MANY and they were the best ones.
We sprung for a Recaro convertible carseat for my daughter and my only complaint is that we didn't get it sooner. Is is so soft and cushy and since Recaro also makes racecar seats it has great safety features (side impact headrests, 5 point harness, infinite adjustible head rest and shoulder straps....etc etc) Seriously worth the money!

Oh and baby bjorn bibs are so great!
hmmm.... I like our Britax Marathons, and I love Dutailier gliders - we have 4 in our house! (3 via Craigslist). I use any old bag as a diaper bag, and I like our Mac Volo and InStep Safari double.
The Patemm Pad is one of my favorite baby products of all time...I've used the same one with both of my sons! (It's a round, folding changing pad.)
I don't have an infant but I watch a 15 month old and have some hammy down Costco carseat in my car his mom lets me use. One day she gave me her Britax Marathon and I loved it! The features are so much better than any other carseat I have used. There are a lot more safety features and it just fit so much better in my car than the Costco. If I had another baby I would research it further and even invest in the Britax Marathon even though it is expensive.
Hmmm... well... Let's see... what did I try that I absolutely would recomment.

1. A baby sling! OMG, I would not have been able to function without it!

2. A BUMBO seat. THAT was a big help too when she couldn't sit on her own. I would totally buy this again in an instant!

3. Adiri Bottles. They are SO GOOD! My baby loved them! She nursed and I used these when I gave her a bottle. Closest thing to feel like a boobie if you ask me! haha

4. And most recently, the Safe Sippy Cup. My daughter absolutely loves them. I have bought every sippy cup out there and she did NOT like them. She liked these though.
I love my Ebags diaper bag! It has a dirty duds bag, which so few bags have these days for some strange reason. It has tons of pockets and lots of room. As a homeschooler, I'm rarely home during the day (seriously we're out at classes, activities, field trips, etc.), so I need a bg that can hold a whole day's worth of stuff for me and the baby.

My Bob stroller is so awesome for working out.

I carry her in baby carriers a lot and as such, have really appreciated my Brooks Pond carrier cover during the winter. I also have their blanket in the stroller and love it.

Soothies pacifiers are the best!

We love the Playtex drop-ins bottles. We rarely use a bottle as I breastfeed exclusively, but sometimes I need to express to leave a bottle. We've had absolutely no nipple confusion with these.
Here's what I've found works the best for me and my LO:

1. Cloth diapers as burp rags - they absorb waaaay more than regular burp cloths

2. Graco SnugRide Infant car seat - but I would NOT get it as a travel system. I hate that stroller! It's like bringing an elephant everywhere I go!

3. Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame - LOVE this thing. Huge storage space, cup holders, light and easy to fit in my car. This was loaned to me by a friend of mine and I am buying my own for my next one

4. Exersaucer

5. I also have the Skip Hop stroller bag - got it from Target. Really nice bag. Lots of compartments to keep all the stuff you're going to start lugging around organized. Most important? Excellent price

6. Sleep sacks - I'm paranoid when it comes to my baby being too cold and suffocating from a loose blanket. So I got these and they are awesome! Baby in a bag!

7. A baby monitor. Mine comes with a light that almost acts like an 'applause' meter. The harder and louder my son cried, the farther up the 'scale' the lights on the monitor would go. It was convenient on the days I didn't want to hear him cry, but at least I could keep an eye out on how bad he needed me. ;-)

6. Lots and varied kinds of blankets. My baby spit/spit up, peed, and pood on every one of those things. I was washing a blankie every day! You may not think you need that many, but trust me, you will!

Hope this helps!


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