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I've had a lot of blog posts in my time as a blogger...easily thousands. It's hard to pin down exactly the one that is the best. I actually have a lot of "best" posts. I'm really proud of the posts I've written for my blog on

What is your best blog post of all time? Why?

Make sure to leave a link because if it's your best we want to read it!

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I really like the one I wrote the first day I started my blog. Are there any Whos in Who-ville?
When you start a blog you are never sure if any one is actually going to read it (besides your husband).
I was so happy when I got my first comment on it.
hhmm.... let me think about that one. Since I've been blogging since March 09, I'd have to say this one:

How young is too young for Twilight Saga?

It may be a silly post to some, but was one of my best when it came to opinion, and writing ethics, for myself!

At this time I would have to say that the post I wrote today is my favorite. It is about my daughter...Time Flies
Ok we are so new to this blog thing, but loving every minute of it. This blog world is a fascinating thing and I only wish we'd entered it looooong ago. But to date I would say that this is my favorite post:

My sister will have to speak for herself, as we do this together.
Well, I am really partial to all mine, but this blog is my favorite:
I love this discussion! I have 2 favorite posts but one is from my daughter's Caringbridge page and one is from last week on my Strawberry Seeds page ...
The first one explains Strawberry Seeds and the story is about my son who has Asperger's and looks at things very differently than I ever would!
I was having a bad day yesterday and was working a usual 12 hour shift ... one thing was not related to the other ~ I love my friends at work and know that miracles are around me all the time when I am there! Regardless, I was just plain nasty!
Anyway, Greg called to let me know about his field trip to the farm.
I have to start with telling you that he was in no way excited about this excursion. Each time it would come up and I would ask him, "Are you getting excited?" "What do you think you will see?" "I wonder what you will do..." his answer was always the same. "I do not wanna smell goat crud!" "I am NOT excited about seeing goat crud!" Do you know how disgusting goat crud is?" Ummmm ... no I don't and I'm not really sure how he would either. Of all farm animals to mention, goats wouldn't be on the forefront of my brain and Crud is not a word we really use around here. He did tell me he used that instead of the really bad "C" word though.... that would be Crap for those of you with minds in the gutter! Welcome to life with Gregory.
So he gets on the phone and I hold my breath after asking him how his day was ...
Greg: Great!!!
Me: Really? What did you do at the farm?
Greg: It was great! Do you know that Strawberries whiten your teeth?!
Me: No, I never heard that.
Greg: Yup, so I will eat strawberries and never go to the dentist again.
Me: Yea, no. It doesn't work that way honey. Still gotta go to the dentist. Sorry.
Greg: oh. Well we saw some tomato plants that were nicer than yours.
Me: Great. Okay, I gotta get back to work Greg...
Greg: Wait ... One more fact: Did you know there are over 200 seeds in a strawberry?
Me: Wow! Cool!
Greg: Yup! And I saw a cow, a mouse and a chinchilla too ... (I have NO idea what the heck kind of farm this is!)
Me: (with great relief) So no goats, huh?
Greg: Oh there were goats alright.
Me: Oh.
Greg: And their crud stunk! Told ya so!

Thanks Greg! But I'm glad he had a great time and was able to look past The Goat Crud. I am heading out now to work and then go out in the North Carolina weather of blue skies and 85 non-humid degrees. I am still in a not-so-great mood, but I will look past the Goat Crud and
count the strawberry seeds.

How corny is that?!

This was my post the day my daughter unexpectedly had to have her mediport removed and then was OFFICIALLY done with her cancer treatment!!! For obvious reasons, this will always be my favorite!
Monday, April 13, 2009 7:45 PM, CDT

Today brought us full circle. Though it was unexpected and packed with drama, I realize now that this is truly the end of Julia's struggle with her relapse of ALL. Barring another relapse, please God, NO!, this will be her last hospitalization and the last time we will have a "sleepover" up on the 11th floor. Her port was removed without incident and from now on, when she runs a fever she gets tylenol or Motrin and is sent to bed!!! Can you imagine?! Julia has had a port in her chest since she was 2 years old and truly doesn't remember NOT having one. It has been such a constant in our lives that at one point Greg even thought he had one, until he realized it was just his "Nickel". So for many reasons, this was a dramatic moment for Julia. She was panicky at first but quickly adjusted to the idea and now tells whoever she runs across that she got her Port out and has a really cool pink wrap on her IV in her hand. Once again, Mom took it way harder than daughter.

As I spent the last 24 hours up on the 11th floor, I realized how much things have changed. We are not a cancer family anymore. There are, unfortunately, many new faces up there that are just beginning their journey and I wish them well... but we are not one of them anymore. My daughter has changed, the families have changed and this mom has changed. I couldn't help but think back to where we were 4 1/2 years ago with a newly diagnosed child. We were so lost and overwhelmed and for about 6 months were in a fog that protected us and dragged us down all at once. We never asked, never had to ... but our friends swooped in and held us up. Without the support of our neighbors and friends in Shoreham, we would not have made it through that first year. We were blissfully unaware of how long this battle would be and just kept waking up each day, whether it be at home or in the hospital, and did what we had to do as the parents of 3 young children, one with a life threatening illness. There is no rule book on how to be a cancer family, as there is no rule book on how to be a friend to a cancer family. Yet so many stepped up and somehow knew what was needed.

When we moved to Wesley Chapel, NC a year into treatment, we thought we were almost home free. Then came the devastating news of Julia's relapse. I will say it now, though I didn't dare then, I didn't have a lot of hope. I knew in my soul what loss felt like and I was sure I would be feeling it again in the deepest most visceral form imaginable. I couldn't stand the thought of losing my only daughter. We were struggling financially, but I couldn't get my brain or heart around that problem. I just wanted to save my baby's life and make sure all three of my children had some semblance of a happy childhood. Our friends, neighbors and some family members, knew what we needed... again, without us ever asking. You all came together and somehow accomplished what we just physically and emotionally couldn't. You managed to support my family and keep us together in ways you cannot imagine and will never know.

All this while my daughter fought with all she had to maintain all she had. And because of all the love sent our way, we were able to be with her and her brothers. It was only 11 months ago that Julia was on a ventilator and I just pleaded to be able to hear her voice again; to have a conversation with my daughter. Again, it was the support and love of friends, old and new, that got us through that nightmare. At our darkest times, without ever asking, someone has stepped up and got us through. We have befriended many families that have been in our shoes and many that wish they were still. We have seen strength in children that would rock your souls! We have seen heartbreak that defies reason. Yet we have felt the camaraderie of the human spirit and it has meant everything.

So now we move to the other side and hope to pay this forward to those in need as we were. I hope we can find those that need help that are too proud, shy or innocent to ask. There are families out there that have not had fund raisers held for them. There are people who don't know what is available to them. There are kids who don't have mom and dad at their bedside because they need to work. Not everyone will come out and ask for funds and they stoically move through these days just hoping it will all turn out okay. These are the families that need the most help. I hope we can somehow be there for them.

Thank you for being there for us....

Tearfully ... but joyously,


Yikes! I am so sorry to leave such a long post! I appreciate if you read it and totally understand if you didn't! :)

"10 Tips for Visiting a New Mom"
If only the people that visited me after I had my first 3 babies had read this, visits would have been MUCH better!
Well, I am new to blogging. I would say my favorite blog so far is HERE. The reason why this has been my favorite is due to the traffic it has created. I wrote it two weeks ago and it continues to be one of our highest looked at posts.
Not the best, but the funnest :) Still looking for the best :)
I've only been Mommy Blogging for a bit, my other blog is a celeb snark blog. But I think so far this one might be my best!
Things I never thought I would say to someone of the male persuasio...

Or maybe this one:
Happy Mother's Day

I've read a couple of the ones here so far...great.
My best so far is this one:

It is personal and educational and NOT boring all at the same time! :)


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