The best perk I've received as a mom blogger is ______________.

Mom bloggers are constantly getting treated like online royalty from receiving free products for review, getting exclusive discounts and giveaway opportunities and even being flown all over the country for corporate trips. What is the best perk you've ever received as a mom blogger?

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I've made some blog friends I never would have met, and one of them is an aspiring blog designer and is working on giving my blog a facelift for free. Though, it's no Disneyworld.
What about perks that are not perks? Have you ever said "no thank you" to something bc it was just not a perk to you?

For example, I was offered a 3 month membership to an on-line video game for kids if I blogged about the video game. Thanks but no thanks - I don't need my kids playing something which - if they like - I will have to buy membership to in 3 months.
Oreck wanted to send me an upright vacuum and three swabbing kits so I could test my home before and after, send the kits to the lab, and write about it. After sending the vacuum back.

At Xmas, a battery company sent five toys and a boat load of batteries from their brand plus two competitors. They wanted me to test each brand in each toy for five hours and see which performed better. Five toys, three sets of batteries, five hours... I gave the toys to a shelter.
I've said no thank you to a few different things. If it isn't a fit for me or my family I just thank them for the offer but tell them why I am turning it down. If it is a PR firm I make sure to tell them to let me know if they have other companies they represent in the future also.
I think what a lot of Mom bloggers want to know is HOW did you get the perks? I was contacted by Mom Central about a month ago asking if I wanted to go to Disney on Ice and give away tickets on my blog. I have no idea how they got my name because I wasn't even a member of their site. And then last week Food Network emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in taking part in a telephone press conference with a FN host about an upcoming series. How did THEY get my name? I have no idea. It would be really great to know what I did to get their attention!
PR reps are wandering around the blogosphere to start with. The more I have done this the more offers I have gotten - it just took time to build up. I only started in June of 08 but I have a steady inflow of offers these days. Granted I am not going on tons of big trips or getting big major $$ items to review (yet), but I think it's all a process.
Wow, it would be sweet to receive a trip, especially a Disney one. I'm jealous!

I've received some high dollar products to review & keep, but nothing like a video camera, iPhone, etc. I'm still pretty new to the blogging world though!
Best perk was definitely a trip to Disney World for their Mom Blogger Mixer last October. But out of that came so many other perks: namely an uptick in my traffic and meeting a bunch of incredible mom bloggers. A few others freebies like tickets to the circus, (which I actually turned down because I had a previous engagement, and I'm afraid of clowns...shudder), and a few free samples of stuff. NOTHING like a free Wii or treadmill! You go, girls!

But honestly, one of the most powerful perks of blogging (and one that I have honestly not explored to the fullest yet) is the connections you make with other bloggers. I've made dozens of great bloggy connections that complement my blogging passion (girl empowerment issues) just by visiting and commenting on other blogs. And out of that, I've gotten free stuff for giveaways and some great interviews that I use as feature posts. In my mind, WE are our own best perk!

But a Wii would be really nice!
wow y'all! great perks!

I've gotten, a spice company to provide all the seasonings for my cooking blog.
whoo hoo! lol
I just returned from Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls after they invited me to come and review. It was GREAT.

The perk of visiting the waterpark and enjoying the amenities was the best I've received. The experience of interviewing the General Manager and writing the review was very valuable to me as a blogger and writer.

I've written the review here on my blog: if you've always wondered about Great Wolf.
I just had my house deep cleaned for free....I won a contest on Twitter for was awesome!!

But, I think the best perk is the connections, the emails I get daily thanking me for being do honest about my life and depression.
i remember you winning that! How'd it go? Your house sparkling? THats awesome!


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