The one topic I will not touch on my mom blog is _________.

There are a lot of topics that we don't want to blog about because they're either too personal or too controversial, or both. What is the one topic that you will not touch -- ever -- on your mom blog?

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Sex, politics and religion. Oh- and I try not to complain about people I know in real life, too. If I feel I must, then I use the following phrase as a measuring stick "I didn't mean to be offensive, I meant it to be funny, I'm sorry" and if I can say that with a straight face, then I go for it.
i think it is not fair to tell,bloging should have some freedom ...we can talk about the things which we r
i feel there should be some authority to scrutiny blogging activites ,some blogger they make worst use of blogging by displaying unnecessary things ...
My maiden name--I have a psycho ex-boyfriend out there and I'm truly afraid of him finding me.
I am a person who hates confrontation, I stay away from polotics and religion. I come from a very passionate family, whic meant that if I wanted a nice drive or something I didn't let my oppions out. Now my husband is so stubborn and strong minded, we stay away fro these topics too.
Politics and breastfeeding.. they seem to just both be things that people get super ticked off about. No matter how you feel about those things, someone will always disagree with you.
Definitely sex details... I don't have that kind of blog... LOL Although I wouldn't have a problem discussing my religious beliefs about sex. I don't usually mention politics, but I'm sure I will later on as my blog grows.
I won't touch politics or post pics of my son. Other then that, anything goes.
Sex, because my grandma reads my blog and my husband would probably be mortified

also religion and politics. I don't think it's something that needs to be talked about on my blog.
Sex in any way, shape or form. I'm kind of a prude so it's not something I like to discuss either.

I don't mind politics and actually enjoy the comments and discussions the topic can start.
i won't discuss politics or abortion. I stay off of the sex topic just to keep is clean for those who view at work or with kids within eye shot.
Ohhh good one I won't touch abortion either


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