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Noise pollution is increasing rapidly in urban areas, especially if you are living in apartments or your house is near the main road. This irritating sound doesn't only bad for your little kids, but sometimes it becomes very tough to bear while writing blogs etc. Yes, as a mom blogger, I have gone through this kind of situations, that's why I want to share some soundproofing ideas with you. 

First of all, you need to identify the entrance location of the sound. Yes, if you will install soundproofing stuff without knowing its exact location, then your effort will be wasted. 

After identification of sound entrance location, its time to reposition your furniture strategically. Indeed, if you don't have a budget and want to go with zero investment ideas of soundproofing, then repositioning of furniture is a great idea. You should place dense mass furniture like dresser, bookshelves and wardrobes in front of windows or areas from where the sound is coming into your room or apartment.

Now, its time to cover the floor. In this regard, I would recommend moms to install thick carpets and rugs on the floor. Better to use foam under the carpet. Moreover, you can also install soundproofing curtains and panels. You can also find more details about the cheap soundproofing material from here. No doubt, soundproofing panels, curtains and sound deadeners work effectively.

Similarly, you should also cover spaces from air and sound entering into your room or apartment. In this regard, weather stripping for doors and windows are available in the market at a reasonable price, and you can install them easily without any expert help. These strippings will also protect your room from insects etc.

In the same token, you can also hang blankets in front of windows and doors. They are amazing sound blockers. Surely, they will help you to make your room soundproof, and you don't need to buy soundproof curtains. Just use your old blankets from storage.

In short, in this discussion, I share cheap ideas of soundproofing with mom bloggers, but if you have more exciting and affordable ideas, then you share with me. 

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