I hope you are doing well. I remember how it was tough to get into the right shape after having my first baby. My husband and me, both struggled a lot especially in terms of taking care of our son. In this duration, I was getting a very little time to think about how to remove my belly fat even the fat around my thighs. However, after six months of having a baby, I firmly decided to get the right body shape. Here, I am going to share a few practical tips with you:

First of all, I purchased a baby carrier and started going for a morning walk in a nearby park with my son. I was walking for 20-30 minutes with an empty stomach daily, and I also found my baby very happy while watching birds and greenery in the early morning. 

The second thing that helped to me get a perfect tone of the belly was the Kegel exercise. This pelvic floor exercise doesn't only good to remove stomach fat, but it also strengthens the muscles that support the bladder, womb and bowel.

I would also recommend you to don't go with my low calory diet because it will slow your metabolism. I kept myself well-hydrated and preferred a keto diet with the use of fruits. Similarly, good quality waist trainers also helped me to improve my belly shape especially it tighten my loose skin. You can also see some good waist trainers here

In the same token, teas like ginger tea, cinnamon tea and lemon tea with some honey are also beneficial to shed off belly fat. 

What difficulties you faced regarding fitness after having the first baby? I waiting to know your experiences and your journeys to overcome belly fat.

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