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To experienced mom bloggers.....rookie needs help!!!

Okay, so I am very new to the world of blogging and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!! I have blindly found my way through wordpress and started a blog and have written several posts. I have a little over 400 hits but these are all family, friends, and from contacts on facebook. I really want to get my blog out there where other people (besides friends and family) will support me- looking at some of these mom blogs it looks like many have a lot of followers- so what is the best way to do this, how do I get noticed?? Or does it just take a lot of posts and people will eventually find you??? Please any help would be great!!!
Thanks Samantha

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The best thing to do, in my opinion is visit blogs, leave lots of comments, PARTICIPATE IN LINKYS!! (Aloha Friday, Not Me Monday, Camera Critters, Wordless Wednesday). That will really bring a lot of people in to look at your blog, and they are easy to do.

After you have a nice amount of readers, you might consider doing products reviews. At first, you can review some things you already have around the house. Always put lots of tags and keywords when you do these.

Join forums, and blog member sites (like this one!) - you will learn so much and meet some great people.

Hope this helps!
Hi, thanks for your response but what are LINKYS???? I have never heard of them, where do I find them? Thanks for your suggestions!!
I would suggest that when you get a comment to reply to the commenter, either on your blog itself or by email. It's more personal if it's by email. I use a plugin that allows me to comment on my blog which in turns sends the commenter an email. It's called Comment Email Responder. You can find it here:

Also join Twitter and have posts added to Twitter automatically.

Be careful about doing anything to earn money since you are using the site. There are restrictions on what type of monetizing you can do there. It's different if you have your blog on your own domain. (I don't know if that's any issue for you.)

I hope I didn't confuse you. Feel free to contact me if I did or if you have any more questions.

Hi and thanks for the advice, I checked out the email responder and cannot figure out how to do seems very confusing. I added Twitter to my blog so people can view updates but I only have 4 followers (all friends).
Wordpress does offer something where you pay $15 a year for your own domain-would that mean I could do advertising or earn money??
THanks again!!

Just thought I would invite you to my blog where I have posted a few tutorials and videos on blogging, twitter, css etc. thought maybe they might help.

THank you I will check it out!!!



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