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How to Travel Safely With Children During the Holidays

This is the time of year when travel increases dramatically. Taking trips to see family and friends are perfect during the holidays as parents and children have time off of work and school to simply enjoy December. But as you travel you need to make sure your children are as safe as possible. 

Car Travel:…

6 Tips on How to Find Your Forever Home

Looking for a new home is both an exciting and challenging time in any person’s life. When you’re specifically looking for your “forever home”, your stress levels can start to peak. Studies are showing that people are starting to look for their “forever home” from an earlier age. Buyers are no longer taking the housing…



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From the last 3 years, I am very much impressed by DIY ladies who make wooden crafts and transform the looks of wooden furniture. That's why I start taking some initial carpentering training from some online and local woodworkers. So, if you are also interested in woodworking or even want to explore your hidden working talent, then you must use the following tools that I am going to share in this thread. However, keep in mind, some training is necessary before starting woodworking.

Nails & Hammer - Probably most of us would have nails and hammer at home to fix many things, and most of us would aware of its safe use. However, if you are willing to start woodworking, then nails and hammer are essential. As a beginner, you should go with a steel hammer due to handy grip and steel nails because they are suitable for woodworking.

Measuring Tape - If you think it would be done without measurements, then you are wrong. To start woodworking measuring tape is vital. Better to buy a reliable measuring tape as compared to cheap ones.

Sandpaper - Many wood furniture transformations only need some sanding and recoating of paint. That's why you should also have reliable sandpaper. For sanding, you don't need any special training. From any online tutorial, you can quickly learn about the right use of the sandpaper.  

Utility Knife - If utility knife is a part of your kitchen, then it's great. Otherwise, you have to get a good quality utility knife to perform woodworking tasks. 

Chisel Set - If your husband has a chisel set, then I would recommend you to don't use his chisel set. My personal experience says the criticism in case of damage of any tool would decrease your motivation level about woodworking. Withal, you should buy your own chisel set and should use it in the best manner. It is also a good idea to get a hand saw with a chisel set.

Circular Saw & Other Power Tools - When I started woodworking, I thought I wouldn't need power tools, but I was wrong. Especially woodworking is impossible without a proper circular saw, drill machine and orbit sander. Recently, I am looking to buy Makita XSR01Z after its review among the best battery powered circular saw from here. I also heard good reviews about DeWalt saw, and you can consider it as an option. 

On the other hand, if we talk about drill sets, then I would recommend you to use a corded one as a beginner because cordless drills are expensive.

In this thread, I provided my suggestions about woodworking tool selection for beginner DIY moms, but if you think it is needed to add more tools, then you can suggest by commenting below.

I am waiting for your responses.

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