My son is 9 months old now and he is breastfed with some formula supplement from time to time. We have been trying to use a sippy cup for 3 months now with no such luck. We have tried several different kinds, and many different liquids at different temperatures and he wants nothing but the breast or bottle.
How can i help him to learn to use a sippy before he turns a year? My dr. and all the research I have found says that it is best to be off the bottle by then.

Thanks in Advance!


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This may sound strange, but try a regular cup, not a sippy. I breastfed my daughter for 3 years, though never used a bottle. She seemed to hate sippy cups but had no problem drinking from a regular cup. I started with a sip of water and she liked it. I don't believe in pushing it, as all babies are on their own timeline. He'll get there soon.
thank you so much debbie! :)
My son will be 1 (oh my goodness) in just a couple of weeks. He has one cup that he will drink from, it is a nubby and it is the same color as his big brother's straw cup. I read somewhere that you could add ice cubes to the cup along with whatever liquid, makes them more interested in the cup, worked wonders for him. It is the only way that he will drink plain water, which is what I perfer to put into cups while they are learning to use them.

With all 4 kids, i do not push anything with them. My oldest took to the cup once we switched from formula/breast milk to regular milk. My daughter hated cups and didn't start taking to them until she was 18 mths. My third child started with sippy cups when he was 9 mths old. I never put regular milk into a bottle, that way the child doesn't get use to milk being in a bottle, just a sippy cup.

Good Luck!!



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