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Sitting here thinking about things and stressing like I normally do. I am a sales assistant full time and I don't want to be an assistant all my life. I have realized that at my job there is no room for advancement so I am at the highest level I can get in the company. So, I started selling Mary Kay to supliment my income and have started my own craft business. I am in the process of making inventory and trying to get orders with Mary Kay.

Here is my problem. I can't do parties. Hubby and I have one vehicle and I work during the day and he works weekends and most direct sales require you to do parties to make money. I have been selling Mary Kay since the end of September 2014 and have not even gotten enough in orders to get me to where I qualify for the 50% profits. I am working on that now and hopefully will be able to get to that point soon. If not, then I don't know what I will do.

I also have my craft business that I am working on inventory for and will eventually set up at my husband's tournaments to sell and have my own website and hopefully will be able to eventually will be able to get a couple of the local shops to sell my products.

I might can also get some of the local places to let me set up but don't know about that. That is a little further down the road.

What would you do? Would you continue to try to get orders from your direct sales business or just give up and stick to your craft business?

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Hey Charity!

I'll give you my initial thoughts on this. I used to sell MK a while ago. There is no real profit in selling the products. You'll start to see income once you build a team of excited sales reps. Focus on that for now. You can continue to advertise your products on social media in lieu of trying to set up parties. You may have to attend parties with the team, but you can cross that bridge when you get to it.  Don't give up just yet.

Are you putting your crafts on Etsy?  If so, I have heard that it might be helpful to advertise and gauge the level of interest before building a huge inventory. Just a thought. I don't have any personal experience with that, but it seems to make sense. 

You can definitely balance both MK and your new craft business.  It only takes a few minutes to put a nice website together and set up your social media profiles. Definitely Pinterest and Instagram.

Hope that helps ease some of the stress a bit.


Thanks for the input. Here is what I have so far. I have a FB page for both my MK business and my craft business. I have my MK site (and some older catalogs to put around places) and an Etsy site for my crafts. I have business cards for both businesses and a blog for both. I only put on my Etsy site what I have made and that is not a lot (9 items I think) and working on a couple of things to add to it. I am posting what I made as I get them done. I am only $70 from my goal right now and hope to get to that by the weekend.

I would love to try and work with you, please visit my website www.momsbuildingwealth.com, then leave me a message so we can talk 

What about getting people to post online or FB parties for MK? Jamberry has been really successful doing that. I've been on a few and they play games along the way and enter people into drawings. People are pretty familiar with MK. I'm assuming you have before/after photos you could share versus people testing the product like they would live at a party?

Or you could offer to host some parties at your house. Sell it as the added bonus they don't have to clean up afterwards. Leave it all to you.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input ladies. I ended up not being able to get things going with MK even after a year so I ended up sticking to my craft business. My hubby has talked me into getting things made and getting a booth at the flea market and since I have started getting back into scrapbooking, he suggested me doing scrapbook parties as well and offer starter gift bags.

Good luck with it all!

Good luck that is a great idea, Once you have become comfortable with that, if you ever want to branch out, you should think about blogging about your craft and possibly teaching others how to make money with crafting, or making money with there talent. You could use p interest and other social media to get your message out. That could be another great way for you to generate income from what you do. 

I actually do have a blog about my craft business. www.lbequeen317.wordpress.com 

okay, that is great, good start,

Hi Charity! 

I'm not sure if you're still experiencing this dilemma, hopefully you have figured out something that works well for you and your husband, but if not, I will tell you that I have long debated joining various direct sales companies- but I've managed to find something better and I'm going to share that with you! 

I work full time online. From my couch (or the coffee shop, or my neighbor's, or where ever I have internet), in my pajamas if i choose! 

I find all my work through Upwork.com. There are definitely some red flags on there, so don't go into it with your guards completely down, but as long as you trust your gut, don't work for anyone who tried to get you to do it without a contract, and don't share your bank account or payment info with anyone except for upwork.com, there's a ton of opportunities out there! I've actually written a couple articles about it on my blog, feel free to check them out! www.kelloggwithablog.blogspot.com.

It's definitely not for everyone, but there a TONS of part time jobs listed that you could do after your day job from home, so the one vehicle would not be an issue. Also, unlike direct sales companies, the payment from online work is guaranteed. If you do the hours, you get the money. There's no working your tail off for a party and then hoping someone places an order. 

Hopefully you're no longer debating what to do, but if you are I hope this helps! Happy to talk and give any info or pointers if you decide to try for online work! 


I did decide to continue with my craft business. Now just to get enough inventory built up to set up shop.


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