Twitter vs. Facebook Talk to me Ladies...Which one do you like best?

I have had my blog going for just over a month now. I signed up for twitter. Still trying to figure it out. Today I just made a Facebook page for blog. I am excited about that because I know facebook really well and I think I should be able to utilize it better for staying connected with my readers. But I know twitter is all the rage as well. To me it seems like twitter takes a lot more time to keep up on all the tweets.

What are your opinions? Do like twitter or facebook better? How do you utilize them for your blog?

Thanks Ladies! And I would love for you to check out my blog and become a FB fan or follow me on twitter.

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I hate that I am your first responder because, I also am interested in this question... Also, I am still getting my Blog up so haven't had experience w/ either from a Blogger stand point...
However, as a user... I find Twitter to be very easy and see a huge advantage of using it- especially since I get tweets constantly on different blogs w/ giveaways, articles, Blissdom, BlogHer, etc...
I do not understand FB- I had to make a second account for some reason because when I tried to sign in one day it wouldn't let me.. said another account open w/ my e-mail... DUH! Mine, ya think! Anyhoo, I opened another... I HATE that my real name is shown in FB... I HATE using it in giveaways because my real name is in it but I will if it is an item I really, really want. I don't understand how to get info from people like I do in Twitter...
I do like the link that shows pic thing and it seems there is not a limit like Twitter on characters... (I can't attest to that though, just seems to be...)
I don't understand how you can "fan" some people and others you have to do a "friend request" AND wait until someone responds to a friend request...
I don't understand how it is different to follow/fan friend request someone on FB is any different than networked blogs since it takes you to the same page actually...
I intend to use it as a Social contact for my blog but hope to open an account in my Blog name... and then I still am not sure how I will use it to reach out to readers yet...
Sry if this doesn't help... but just one side of the story on FB & Twitter...
Oh! & tweetgrid, if it weren't so great- Can you do a FB party? is there a way to have a "Live" contact meeting on FB?
to me they are 2 different things Facebook is so much more. You can do more with it. Twitter for me is just quick updates for nosy people, however added you blog site link to your profile is a good thing too. I have both But I do soo much more on facebook. I dont like the word blog but I do have one I keep for journal elsewhere. Facebook is so addicting if you use it for the fum games and stuff.
I like both for networking, but I think I prefer Facebook more because I definitely can utilize it better than Twitter. I am still getting used to twitter! Tweeting statuses are no problem for me, but it's the whole #(insert thing) that gets me confused still.. lol -- I just go on Twitter to update my status or enter a link that I like. That status is there pretty much all day; whereas with FB i'm constantly updating my status 2-3 times a day!
I love Twitter because it's perfect for those short little thoughts that I have. In the past, I would try to turn them into a blog posts, but with Twitter it's so much easier.

Even so, since my Twitter feed updates my Facebook account, I end up having better conversations on Facebook - and with a different group of people - than I do on Twitter.
Thanks ladies. this is helpful!
They are totally different platforms, so it's like comparing apples to oranges. I think twitter is fabulous from a business/networking standpoint. But, on a personal level, it's not as good as facebook helping you keep up with friends. If you're trying to make money with your blog, twitter will provide you a quick, easy way to get your name out there. If you are looking for a social network, a way to really stay in touch with people, and one that offers more "fun," then facebook is the answer.
Thanks so much for the feedback. That was the sense I was getting from twitter.
I've been testing out both Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to drive traffic to my blogs. What I've found over the last 60 days is that Twitter is good for driving relevant traffic, while Facebook is great for building relationships and sparking conversations. However, the conversations on Facebook usually stay on Facebook and not in the comment kingdom of my blog. I've got to work on moving that over. Those Twitter followers tend to leave comments and subscribe in most cases. They also RT (retweet) the content. I believe Facebook friends comment on Facebook because there is an outlet and space to do so, while Twitter is limited to 140 characters of space. I have created Fan Pages on Facebook for the game applications I promote on Facebook and have extended my marketing of those pages to both Twitter and StumbleUpon. In January I earned a little over $700 from a Bejeweled 2 Fan Page I have on FB. Now of course the challenge is to increase that amount for February! Just my 2 cents....

Patience and Persistence wins the race!
Hi, ladies, I see this discussion has some very good points and has taken a life of its own. So, I wrote a best practices Twitter tip post on my blog. It lists 25 ways to make Twitter efficient. Here is the link:
Thank you going to check it out!


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