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Hi, today will share one way more about unique travel for your older kids- traveling with class/ school. I think it is an amazing experience for your teen. 

Traveling school for girls 

An educational travel experience not only enables students to put into practice the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom, but it also challenges them to step outside their comfort zones and helps them develop skills, habits, and mindsets closely associated with future success.

Benefits from such experience: 

- students are more engaged. educational travel sparked greater interest in what they are learning in school 

- more successful in school, achieve better grades 

- start to be more independent

- increasing a critical way of thinking

- developing emotional intellect and etc. 

What do you think about such a way of learning? What is your experience?


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Kids always learn a lot when they travel with their friends, especially with classmates and teachers, but 2020 wasn't a good year in this regard. My kids are also looking a little bored, and I am planning to visit camping sites with them this summer. In this regard, I am thinking to use a rental vehicle, especially a minibus or campervan to enjoy more with family. However, I am a little worried about the insurance and extras from rental companies. According to my husband, the use of van hire excess cover from here is the right choice for us. Yes, it wouldn't allow rentals to impose extras on us, but I am not sure how it works. Let's see how we handle it. 

I am still not in favour of public travels or even kids travel with classmates because, in my opinion, Covid-19 is still with us, and I am not sure how kids would follow SOPs in such situations. 


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