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Hey guys, I'm new to this site and I'm on a web TV show that's put on my CBS. I am just wondering if people here watch web TV and whether they like it more or less than regular TV. I'm not so sure how many people actually see the show, but maybe you'll check it out:

What do people think?


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Well Laura first off you look a lot like that gal from Melrose Place:)
Anyhoo I do on occasion. I think I few most through YouTube. I can't say I am dedicated to one.

Though your provided web TV source looks good but if we talk about content then I found IPTV better than it. Yes, IPTV provides managed content as compared to web TV content. In my opinion, instead of using web TV, it is better to get a setup box by using a reliable IPTV service like this.

Secondly, if we talk about the picture quality then IPTV is better than web TV and of course, as you can stream it on your typical LED screen that's why it is good for your eyes as compared to keep watching entertainment content on the small screen of PC or smartphones. However, user charges are applicable for IPTV but web TVs are usually free but if you are going with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix then again, charges will be there. 

Sure do!


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