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Written By Rebecca Levey | Social Media Editor for Mom Blog Magazine | Blog: Beccarama | Podcast: Blogging Angels

Is your blog tired? Stuck on a plateau? Just starting out and feeling gung-ho but don’t really know where to start? In the spirit of the New Year we are putting together a 12 week blog fitness plan to help you kick your blog into shape, get you energized and strengthen your social media influence.


Exercise 1 (January 3 - January 10)

This week is all about you getting a firm grasp on what your blog is about and what you want to say so you can set realistic goals. This week is about reflection, honesty and
dreaming big. We’re getting old
fashioned and pulling out a pen and paper to make some lists and get real.

Step One: Analyze your stats.

On your blog:

  • What are your most popular posts?
  • What are your most used tags?
  • Which posts received the most comments?
  • Which posts did you most enjoy writing?
  • Is there overlap?
  • Are you surprised?
  • How often did you post in the last 6 months?
  • Has your readership grown, gone down or stayed the same?

On Twitter:

  • What are your most retweeted Tweets?
  • Which tweets spurred the most conversation?
  • Who is retweeting you?

Step Two: Competitve analysis

Who are the bloggers you read and admire? Why? Don’t say because they’re funny or they have a huge following. How often do they post? What is their blog design like? How long have they been blogging for?

Do the same for Twitter. Who do you follow that you admire? Whose tweets spur you to retweet or respond? Why?

Step Three: Dare to Dream!

Be realistic, but don’t be afraid to push yourself. Looking at your blog what is the biggest thing you want to change? In your wildest dreams what would your blog look like?
What kind of community do you want? Why are you blogging? These aren’t easy questions but if you can’t figure out what your blog is about then neither will readers. You don’t have to carve out a tiny niche – but even if you’re a generalist your voice should be
unique. So, what is it?

Join us on January 17, 2011 for the next exercise!

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Thanks for these great tips
Thanks for the advice!
Late in December I began to explore these questions.  I think it is important to know what you would like to achieve as a blogger and then go for it.  Thanks for a community that helps us encourage each other! Cheers to my new blogging fam! Cleverly Changing

I'm really excited about the blog shape up plan! I've only been blogging since September 2010...and can I say "I'M OBSESSED". I stay up way past my bedtime reading and posting and just can't get enough of other mommy's and there endless advice.


I look forward to gaining more readers and connections! Thx for the tips!

I've just joined today and this exactly what I am working on right now I really need to do something different.  I was just updating on what my family has been doing but now I want more heart on my blog so I'm working on it.  Life With the Raffs

Thanks for this series. I need to do the same for my blog. So far, my most popular posts are those about being a work-at-home mom (job ideas, how to stay fit at home, etc). I need to streamline my posts to focus on these popular posts and make future entries relevant to these themes.


Where are the rest of the weeks
Thanks for the wonderful tips

Hello & thank you so much for your tips. I've just stared another branch you can say to my current blog which is about all about photography. I look forward to doing this course & finding new ways to have a better flow going. Thanks again!

Love the blogging education! I have just started blogging and these are some great tips! 

great tips! thanks

Well I started the plan last year and never finished. Time for me to finish something that I started....



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