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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get a feel for how big Mom blogging is. What are the most popular Mom blogs out there? By mom blogs I mean either blogs written by Moms about motherhood or blogs that Moms love to visit.

Do any of these blogs get over 100,000 PV a week?

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You can find some good blogs on a couple of different lists...




Not sure about hits. My blogs does around 200 hits a week currently. I have only been blogging since August so I think that's pretty good. I have a friend that writes a very popular blog and her hits a 100 times a day. Hope that helps.

You can check my bloggy out HERE
Here's a list I just discovered
Some of the most popular blogs I know of are An Island Life, A Cowboy's Wife, Table for Five, Design Mom... I'm sure you could just google these blogs to find them.
Both have literally thousands of readers and are extremely well known.
I now these two blogs are the top voted parenting blogs on Divine Caroline- and They both gets a TON of hits everyday and are two of my favorites
Well, we dont get it a week, but we got 200K last month. We are at

I would say dooce, pioneerwoman are the two largest I am aware of. Boobs and Dr.Pepper gets a respectable 5K UV a day.
This link will give you an idea of what the top parenting blogs are through federated media and how many page views each gets per month.

Hope I got that to work!
I love dooce & pioneer woman and my new favorite is
For the grownups

OK not really, but a girl can wish right?

are the few that come to mind though


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