We are all staying at home, balancing education duties and more. What are your best tips for elearning? Personally, I like to carve out an hour for livestream education. Many options free and certainly worth the screen time!

Are there any more ideas you can add to this list?

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Hi, wanna share our web source. It is a site of NGO for free, for kids of different ages (more for smaler). animated lessons of science, art, environment, life skills, and etc. (no business) 

The idea of eLearning is very effective for school going student especially when they are not attending their schools in this quarantine. However, parents also need to be very organized to proceed with this eLearning study system. On the other hand, computer-assisted learning methods are also getting very popular among students. Last week, I was reading this article, and it came into my knowledge that 'Teach to One' is doing great work in the field of automated learning.

In my opinion, automated learning is the future of education where computers pick and set courses and tests etc. instead of teachers. Probably, such technological innovations are going to transform the teaching structure. 

That is interesting, as the world has already moved onto many virtual programming already, including college masters degrees and even some medical surgery procedures! Perhaps virtual school for young kids is a parallel step in that direction - and one to embrace, and perhaps pioneer if you can. 

I have had a major issue, though, with reading books online. I have yet to get on board with virtual books, albeit e-books have been around and enjoyed by many for more than a decade. The added screen time trade-off, however, is very risky in young kids. I appreciate books to hold, to lay in bed with, to keep in possession, etc. 

We are fortunate that some libraries are now reopening their doors as of late. Check out my list of Chapter Books Series By Grade to help your book selections and online reservations.   

I think it's important to set up a little work area for each child. I have 3, so I put them in different areas of the house. They each have a desk, laptop, school supplies, etc. I think it helps them to focus.




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