Do you have any goals set for your blog? What are they? What are you working towards?

Me? I want to showcase more moms and how creative they are so I'm going to accept fiction submissions. I'm working towards getting that all organized.

That's my big one at this point in time. You?

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I want people to express themselves without fear of insulting people. You'll find if you read my blog that I am a very opinionated person. I think we should all express ourselves. We are all different with different opinions and we all need to stand up for what we believe in otherwise whats the point?
I want to publish well written and useful posts about organization and personal growth for moms 4-5 times/week. Right now, I am using it to practice my writing and find my voice. Someday I might try and write a book on these topics, so the writing practice and time spent organizing my thoughts might have a purpose someday.

I may try and really monetize the site at some point, but right now my goal is to put out some quality content first.
I set my first goal and I reached it tonight~~~
As a brand new blogger, I was hoping to reach a lot of readers. This was my first month and I got over 2,000 visits!!! Thank you to all of you who have stopped in and then returned. I really appreciate it and will return the favor!! Thank you!!!
My blog goal for is to share my experience and ideas with other parents and child care providers. I want to network and connect with other parents and those in my field and hopefully offer something useful. Getting all of my articles on to the blog is going to be my biggest challenge since I am a single Mom, two kids and on limited sleep as it is. But, the motivation is great and I am making the time for it.. and enjoying every moment of it!
Oh let's see. My goal is to create world peace and become a millionaire from my blog.

Um, I know, highly unlikely. My real goals are to gain more readers, make a few people laugh, and perhaps make a little money from blogging.

Feel free to stop by and say hello. Thanks! Brilliant Sulk
My ultimate goal for my blog is to become a better writer. I want my readers to wake up hoping for a new post on my site. I know there are several blogs that I am this way about. I am working towards this goal, brushing up on my writing and having a great time with it.
my goals:
Mommy-momo blog - to get some good products to review, expand my writing, and meet more awesome mommies!
Momo-Runner blog- to get in awesome shape, share tips, and motivate each other!
Right now just to find my voice & connect with others.
My original goal was to start writing about my kids so I could have something to look back on. Then, I started to get comments from people who thought the blogs were funny. I've done a blog a day...I'm trying to grow my readership, still looking for my voice and trying to improve my writing skills and would love, love to make this my full time job because it would be much less stressful than the job I am in. That might be a long way off but I'm fairly type A and once I put my mind to something it usually happens, so we'll see. Right now, I'm writing to write and we'll see where it goes.

Love it! Have a look at my store as well :)


Love it! Have a look at my store as well :)



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